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Sailor Uranus of the Sailor Moon Crystal wears a dusky blue and white costume, and so does the Cosplay costume that has been made available in the online stores. The design of the dress seems to be exactly like all the other characters in the series, save for the colour of the skirt that is dusky blue and the huge yellow bow over the white shirt above. Two sets of boots are available; both are high and blue, but one is a brighter blue than the other. The head band is a golden crown with a blue gem in the middle.

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Sailor Moon Sailor Uranus Haruka Tenoh Cosplay Shoes mp000575

Model Number:CV-035-S06[br] Material:matt leather[br] Gender:female[br] Color:blue

Sailor Moon Sailor Uranus Tenoh Haruka Cosplay Helmet mp000864

Material:acrylic[br] Cosplay Role:Sailor Uranus Ten'ou Haruka[br]

Sailor Moon Super S Film Sailor Uranus Haruna Tenoh Amara Cosplay Costumes mp001405

Go for Sailor Moon Crystal! Go for Sailor Uranus! Sailor Uranus in Sailor Moon Crystal is shown to be a short blond hair girl. Her civilian identity is Haruka Tenou and her attacks are based around the sky, precognition, and powers granted by her sword. The outfit includes 6 sets skirt, front bow, back bow, tiara, choker and gloves. The costume must bring you a comfortable cosplay experience. Available in all size!
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