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Every girl loves to watch Love Live and the world best characters in it, they love their nice acts, their qualities and of course their dresses. All the characters in love live looks pretty and gorgeous in their costumes. Most of the girls who watch them dream to have a costume like that to be worn. For this reason costumes of all the characters like Togo Nozomi, Sonoda Umi, Nishikino Maki, Kousaka Honoka, Koizumi Hanayo, Minami Kotori and many others are designed in all sizes for sale at very sensible prices along with all the accessories including skirts, shirts, gloves, leg rings,  tie, socks, hair bands and much more.

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Love Live! Niko Yazawa Cosplay Costume Y-0859-1

Who can forget the look of Niko Yazawa? And don’t want to have a dress like her dress? A smiling beauty sometimes to aggressively look makes her one of the best characters in Love Live. Niko Yazawa is admired by the girls for her stylish look that is because of her classy costume. Her costume is dreamed by the girls to be worn, so for this Yazawa’s costume is available for sale over online stores at reasonable prices along with ten sets including shirt, skirt, tie, socks, leg bands * 2, behind bow, neck strap, headdress * 2, gloves and waist bow in different materials and colors.

Love Live! Nishikino Maki Cosplay Costume Y-0859-2

Having tsundere qualities and a piano playing Nishikino Maki is a girl that is admired by her unique features and a good composer among all the members in her group. Nishikino Maki wants to become a doctor and the girls who like doctors wants to look like Maki. The market is in Love Live among the nine main characters, her costume is also made available in all sizes for sale at a rational price along with all the accoutrements including shirt, skirt, gloves, leg bands * 2, neck tie, hair bands, socks and behind the bow. This costume comes in different material like stretch cotton, cotton and leather cotton.

Love Live! Kousaka Honoka Cosplay Costume mp000595

The beloved leader of the idols in Love Live is also the loved by the girls who watch her, the way she takes the decision and the way she takes boldness and strong steps. Kousaka Honoka is an optimistic girl and looks sophisticated in her costume, girls find no better dress than to have her costume. For this reason her costume is available for sale at very less and affordable price along with all accessories comprising of shirt, skirt, tie, socks, waist bow, neck tie, 2 headdress, gloves, 2 leg bands and a behind bow in different stuffs like uniform cloth, cotton and stretch cotton.

Love Live! Koizumi Hanayo Cosplay Costume Y-0880-1

Every girl loves her/his favorite character in the game they like the most, always want to dress up like them, and they always seem to try to be like them, Koizumi Hanayo is the most favorite character with the girls, having a quiet and shy personality makes her more beautiful a girl that always dreamed to become an idol now or the girl who always dream to be like the Koizumi Hanayoa costume same like Hanayo’s costume in Love Live, this costume is offered in 9 sets including skirts, tie, behind bow, socks, shirts, headgear, belt, gloves and a leg band available in all sizes.

Love Live! Minami Kotori Cosplay Costume Y-0880-2

Minami Kotori is the most indecisive person among the nine girls, she has great aesthetic regarding fashion and also designs costumes for her friends. Her costume is very delighted and give her a nice look. The girls who desire to wear the costumes same like Minami Kotori will be happy to find it for sale at cheap price with the high quality material, they will also find bow in different styles and colors to wear. The costume is made available in 3 different materials including uniform cloth, stretch cotton and simple cotton stuff with all the accessories such as skirt, headdress, belts, socks, back bow, shirt, bow tie, gloves, and a leg band.

Love Live! Toujou Nozomi Cosplay Costume mp001029

Toujou Nozomi is a friendly, wise and kind-hearted girl who love to help others , she looks simple and sophisticated in her dress.As she is president of student council at her school, that’s why she is loved by many people. She looks pretty in her cosplay costume and look decent, her costume is designed in all sizes for sale so that the girls who love Toujou Nozomi can wear and also look nice. Her costume is a set of 11 accessories including headwears, shirt, tie, waist bow, gloves, a leg band, hair band,skirt,belt, back bow and socks.

Love Live! Hoshizora Rin Cosplay Costume Y-0881-1

A very cute little story is portrayed in Love Live which is the Japanese exclusive work. The story is based on the love for the school of girls who are eager to stop the shutting of their school. Eight girls who have decided to become idols in order to stop the closure of their beloved school. Rin Hoshizora is strong character that is famous among students for playing football, basketball and hurdling. Her character has been portrayed as a tomboy but has a cheerful personality. She has received tremendous appreciation from the public and her costume is also now available for fans. It consists of shirt, tie, back bow, gloves, skirts, Headwear, shorts and leg band. This female dress is available in two sizes 2XS and 3XL.

Love Live! Sonoda Umi Cosplay Costume y-0881-2

A shy Girl with some leading qualities with her, in Love Live she is none of the main characters , when she dressed she looks gorgeous, her elegant costume makes her look more stunning, is a perfect girl with a nice dress, because of all these qualities the designer make a dress same like Sonoda’s dress for sale so that girls who love to wear like Umi can wear it. This Costume consists of 9 sets includes shirt, shorts, tie, socks, back bow, skirt, Headwear, gloves, and a leg band, available at cheap price for and also at discounted prices in different material stuffs.

Love Live! Ayase Eri Cosplay Costume y-0881-3

Love live is a very cute little Japanese work in which there is a story of eight fiction school going girls who are in great love with their school. Their school is shutting down and they decide to become idols to stop the shutting of their school. So this is an interesting story that has gained immense popularity among teenage girls. Eri Ayase is a third year student and council president and is very determined to save her school. Her famous Cosplay costume accessories consist of shirts, shorts, gloves, skirts, back bow, socks, Headwear, tie and leg band. All of these are made up of uniform cloth with cotton and leather and is available for women in two sizes of 2XS and 3XL.
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