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New TV show Wednesday Xavier Thorpe Cosplay Costume C07169

The wildly weird world of The Addams Family has expanded greatly with the latest TV series Wednesday. Featuring more characters than ever before, this series greatly expands on the lore of these beloved characters. One such character is Xavier Thorpe. As one of the students of Nevermore Academy, Xavier has the unique ability to make his artwork literally come to life. As often seen in academies and private schools, these students all wear uniforms that reflect the school’s quirky alumni. This ensemble is made up of pieces that are common amongst these facilities. Pants, a button-down shirt, a jacket and a tie are all found in the school’s uniform. The pants are your standard black dress slacks that button and zipper in the front and is paired with a white button-down shirt. A satin purple tie pops brilliantly against the shirt and a purple cotton hoodie is layered over that. Tying the entire ensemble together is a black and purple vertical striped suit jacket that features Nevermore Academy’s signature crest on the left breast. The entire garment is made from high-quality materials and is a fun and whimsical twist on typically formal attire.

New TV Show Wednesday Addams Wednesday Cat Cosplay Costume C07198

The Addams Family’s deviant daughter has a new look that perfectly suits her stoic demeaner. The Cat Cosplay Costume is worn by Wednesday Addams in her own spinoff new series Wednesday. It features Wednesday’s favorite color pallet, black. It is a skintight jumpsuit that evokes the spirit of popular characters such as Catwoman and Black Cat. It is a finely crafted costume made from high-quality materials. This single piece suit is made up of mixed materials such as pleather and spandex that are combined in a unique and interesting way. Patches of pleather can be seen in various spots throughout and white stitching is seen throughout, breaking the suit up into various sections. Two white cat symbols can be seen on either shoulder while various claw marks are visible throughout the costume. A pleather girdle wraps around the waist and straps in the front via two buckles. A set of matching suspenders loop over the shoulders and attach to the girdle. A pair of fishnet fingerless gloves add a punk rock look to this feline ensemble. No cat costume can be complete without a set of ears. These ears attach by a band that fits snugly to the head. An optional pair of socks and shoes are also available for purchase.

New TV Show Wednesday Addams Wednesday Cosplay Costume Ball Dress C07196 Top Version

Dance the night away in this macabre ballroom dress from Wednesday! This ornate garment is a stunning black number that really bridges the gap between costume and couture. High quality fabrics make up this brooding garment. Made up of layers of sheer black tooling, this three-tiered gown stops just above the ankles and is made of fine silk. The top section repeats the detailed form of the body with the tooling wrapping around and flaring out from the bust and shoulders. Sheer fabric connects to the rest of the dress exposing the shoulders and a solid black satin collar buttons at the front of the neck. An ornately designed black leather belt wraps around the waist creating an hourglass silhouette. A pair of optional shiny pleather high-heeled shoes feature a strap in the front and a silver oval ornament. What makes this garment so unique is that not only can it be worn to a convention or costume party, but also to a formal event.
$114.45 $89.00

New TV show Wednesday Addams Wednesday Cosplay Costume C07057

Wednesday Addams is all dressed up and ready for her first year at Nevermore Academy. This colorless costume has all the classic makings of a private prep school uniform. Ditching the brilliant purple found in the uniforms of her peers, Wednesday prefers a darker pallet so has opted for a black and grey color scheme. The entire ensemble, which is made from high quality fabrics, is business attire at its finest. A knee-length striped skirt is pleated and features a checkered pattern throughout that sits over a pair of silk black pantyhose. A simple white button-down collared shirt is covered with a dark grey cotton sweater-vest. Practice your best tying skills with a black and white silk suit tie in any knot you desire. An alternating black and grey striped suit jacket features two buttons on the front, pockets on the side and a matching grey Nevermore Academy crest on the left breast. It is, however, upon closer investigation where this garment really shines. If you look closer at the jacket a fine dotted pattern is clearly visible in the design, giving this suit greater depth and dimension than one might initially realize.
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