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Lightening may strike twice but your luck is endless when it comes to uncovering high quality and affordable cosplay costumes for any fans of The Flash.

Whether you know The Flash from the infamous DC Comic Books or are a fan of the crime-fighting superhero TV Series, then you should be quick as a flash to get hold of these impeccable outfits from Procosplay!

With options available from The Justice League film or the TV series - you have the choice to choose what suits you personally, as well as customizing an ensemble.

Great value, detailed costumes that are virtually indistinguishable from those you will have seen in the DC universe -if you’re quick then you too can have the perfect getup in no time at all!

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The Flash Season 6 Barry Allen Cosplay Costume mp005244

Don't blink or you might just miss this Flash Season 6 Cosplay Costume. The Scarlet Speedster has never looked better in his most sleek outfit yet! Covered head to toe in a brilliant red, the suit is accented with lines of gold that complements the ensemble nicely and features a level of design and craftsmanship like no other. Keep your identity hidden and your head protected while you're zipping through the streets, with a leather helmet that features Barry Allen's iconic lightning bolt design. The bolts stand out on each side of the head with their radiant golden color and sharp zig-zag edges. The same symbol can be found on the chest against a white circular emblem. The suit itself zips closed in the back and is made from a roman cloth with a honeycomb pattern that adds texture to the piece. A gold lightning belt adds to the jumpsuit's motif and divides the top half from the bottom. A set of detachable gloves are made from the same quality materials. The most important thing a speedster can have is a good set of boots, which fit over the suit and stop below the knee. Even more lightning bolts top the boots and the soles are made from fine leather that keeps you comfortable while outrunning your enemies. You'll be dashing for days in this lightweight form-fitting costume.

The Flash Season 4 Barry Allen Cosplay Costume mp003915

The Flash season 4 commenced with the return of Barry Allen after Cisco plucked him from a challenge against Samuroid. He returns with lost memory. However, the series proceeds and the Flash together with his colleagues continue fighting crime. The Flash Season 4 Barry Allen cosplay costume enables the fans to get into the speedy superhero mood while in any costume party. It includes the mask, a jacket, a pants, a pair of gloves, and a belt. You can opt to buy a complete Barry Allen cosplay costume by including shoes which are sold separately. The costume is made from knitted fabrics and pleather.
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