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TV Show Hawkeye Kate Bishop Cosplay Costume Upgraded Knit Version C00946

Kate Bishop is the newest hero to wield a bow and arrow and this costume is ripped straight from the Hawkeye television series. As the protegee of an Avenger, this suit is extremely flexible and mobile which is perfect for fighting off villainous foes. It is a highly detailed costume made from quality materials and is one suit you won't want to miss out on. This amateur archer sure has style and it is apparent with this vibrant purple, form-fitting jumpsuit. There are many layers to this piece with the base comprised of a spandex long sleeve spandex top. Over this is a jacket that features a number of sections with varying shades of purple. A cross-body strap wraps around the body and attaches to an arrow quiver on the back. Additional arrowheads are stored on a strap found on the hip that attaches to a black belt. A pair of black leggings are adorned with rubber knee pads for extra protection. A matching set of pleather gloves have two exposed fingers that make pulling back on the string of a bow much easier. An optional pair of leather boots complete the look of this newest sharpshooting Avenger!

TV Show Hawkeye Yelena Belova Cosplay Costume C00993

There's a new Black Widow on the block and Yelena Belova's super-suit is as sleek and stylish as it is functional. As seen in the hit TV series Hawkeye, The Russian spy's garment pays tribute to the Black Widows' gear while offering plenty of new visuals to excite the senses. Yelena's no carbon copy of Natasha and that shows in the costume's unique design which features vertical and diagonal lining down the front of the pleather and denim jumpsuit. The form-fitting vest secures tightly in the front by a zipper that extends up the neck. The costume is almost entirely black with only a hint of color in the pale brown lines found throughout. This allows the wearer to stealthily sneak up on their opponents when the opportunity arises. A pair of black pants have the same pattern mimicked throughout the rest of the piece and a holster straps comfortably to the leg so one can add any weapon of their choice. A set of matching pleather gloves is highlighted thanks to the Widow's signature gauntlets which deliver a vicious sting. Optional military-styled boots put the finishing touch on a masterfully crafted ensemble.
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