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Sailor Neptune in Sailor Moon Crystal plays violin and has an overall feminine character as compared to most of the other warrior-based characters. The Cosplay of the character comes in the form of costume, boots, head band and a mirror. The costume is a white shirt over a green skirt that is dusky in colour. The collar and the bow are also of the same green colour. The shoes are green sandals and the head band has two golden curves meeting at a green gem. A lighter shade of green colours the frame of the mirror available.

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Sailor Moon Sailor Neptune Kaiou Michiru Cosplay Costume Set mp000515

You like playing violin? If yes then you must be very much inspired by the sailor Neptune character in the sailor moon series. KaiouMichiru is a year older than other characters of the sailor moon series. She is a talented girl who love playing violin and painting. In the series she is the soldier of ocean and intuition and a character who gives all her dream for the survival of Senshi. She is a highly devoted character of the series that is dressed elegantly and became very popular among school girls. Her dress is available in seven sets accessories at cheap rates. The accessories include gloves, shoes, necklace, dress, head dress and front and back bow.

Sailor Moon Sailor Neptune Kaiou Michiru Cosplay Shoes mp000517

Model Number:CV-035-S07[br] Material:matt leather[br] Gender:female[br] Color:green

Sailor Moon Super S Film Sailor Neptune Michiru Kaioh Michell Cosplay Costumes mp001404

With the immensely power base on the ocean and granted by her magic mirror, Sailor Neptune is coming! Her civilian identity is Michiru Kaiou, an elegant girl with sea-green hair. She is the one of the four outer Sailor Senshi come to help Inner Sailor Senshi. This high quality Cosplay costume includes a long skirt, choker, front bow, back bow, gloves and tiara. It is available for all sizes!
$72.00 $49.00
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