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As small as the planet might be, Sailor Neptune of Sailor Moon Crystal represents a fiery character, with the Cosplay dress of a colour somewhere between that of green and gray and blue. The skirt is short enough to stop before mid thighs, while the shirt hugs the body and is white in colour, save for the collar and bow of the same colour as the skirt. Long black boots, a head band with a pink gem, and a wig that falls down in from a high bun are also available

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Sailor Moon Sailor Pluto Meiou Setsuna Cosplay Shoes mp000596

Model Number:CV-035-S08[br] Material:matt leather[br] Gender:female[br] Color:black
$42.18 $29.00

Sailor Moon Super S Film Sailor Pluto Setsuna Meioh Trista Cosplay Costumes mp001410

Sailor Pluto is the outer Senshi of Sailor system, as well as the guardian of the Space Time Door. Her powers are base on time, space, the underworld, darkness, death. No one knows whether she is a human or god. This mysterious girl caught many people’s eyes. This Sailor Moon Crystal Sailor Pluto Cosplay costumes comprising of skirt, choker, gloves, tiara, socks, front bow and back bow. Get yourself this exclusive Sailor Pluto Cosplay costume!

Ready to Ship Sailor Moon Sailor Pluto Meiou Setsuna Cosplay Helmet mp000695

Material: acrylic[br] Cosplay Role: Sailor Pluto Meiou Setsuna[br]
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