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The Cosplay costumes and items of Sailor Mercury from the Sailor Moon Crystal series have taken on a soothing blue hue to represent the planet in the name. The costume is a frock or a skirt that barely ends at mid thigh and is blue in colour, in contrast to white shirt covering the upper torso. The costume is completed with knee-high electric blue boots. Even though the character represents a bookworm, the appearance of its sword and its availability combines the feminine bookishness with feminine strength. The sword is called Lampe’s sword and is golden and white in colour.

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Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury Mizuno Ami Cosplay Costume Set mp000571

An inspiring character for all those girls who idealize being bookworms and are highly involved in studies. Mizuno Ami is a fourteen year old girl character in the sailor moon series that is given the title of sailor mercury as she is the soldier of wisdom and water. She is an intelligent girl and as a result got her fan following among the students see themselves as intelligent. Her costume dress is now available in the market in seven set accessories comprising of shoes, gloves, necklace, dress, headband, front and back bow. High quality costume is made from uniform cloth and is available in 2XS and 3XL size for women

Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury Mizuno Ami Cosplay Shoes mp000520

Model Number:CV-035-S04[br] Material:matt leather[br] Gender:female[br] Color:blue
$42.18 $29.00

Sailor Moon Super S Film Sailor Mercury Ami Mizuno Cosplay Costume mp001402

Blue Sailor Mercury! Sailor Mercury is one of the original Sailor Senshi. Her power is based on water and ice and her civilian identity is Ami Mizuno. We are not only impressed by her appearance but her intelligence and power. The costume comprising of a skirt, choker, front bow, back bow, gloves, socks and tiara. Put on this Sailor Mercury costume to become a Sailor Senshi protecting the world!

Sailor Moon Crystal Sailor Mercury Ami Mizuno Cosplay School Uniform mp003720

Accessories: 4 sets, tops,skirt,the bow,sweater Product material: uniform,knit Apparel Gender: Women Size: 8 yards from 2XS-3XL

Ready to Ship Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury Mizuno Ami Cosplay Helmet mp001007

Material:acrylic[br] Cosplay Role:Sailor Mercury Mizuno Ami[br]
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