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Calling all DC comic cosplay fans! Have a browse through our selection of Justice League cosplay costumes which must be seen to be believed! With a plethora of affordable and exceptional quality items, coupled with first-rate service, you will be spoilt for choice!

Within this series you will find full costumes to replicate characters such as Aquaman, Mera, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman and The Flash. If you don’t need a full costume then you also have the option of buying quality individual elements such as Wonder Woman’s iconic boots, Aquaman’s infamous trident or Diana Prince’s legendary headwear!

Looking elsewhere would simply be an injustice.

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The Dark Knight Rises Batman Bruce Wayne Cosplay Costume mp005240

The bat is back and ready to rise in this Dark Knight Cosplay Costume. Gotham's criminal underworld trembles at the sight of Batman and you'll strike fear and loathing into their hateful hearts. Known for its high level of detail, fine craftsmanship, and articulated, multiple layers, each come together to form this badass bat-suit. Comprised mostly of high-quality polyurethane leather, you'll be decked out head-to-toe in black which will have you blending in with the darkest of night. Much like the movie, the costume is adorned with various sections and pieces that resemble the plates that protect the vigilante. His famous silhouette is achieved through two sharply pointed ears the stick out on top from the classic cowl. The mask is molded from an emulsion and protects the wearer's highly secret identity. The bat symbol is emboldened on the front of the chest so there's no mistaking who this hero is. All sorts of gizmos and gadgets fit inside his signature utility belt that is made from a complementary metallic silver which is adjustable and fastened in the back. Full-length matching gloves are padded and feature three defensive blades that are vital when locked in hand-to-hand combat. A full-length detachable woolen cloth cape reaches the ankles and is an integral part of this hero's legendary look. A set of shoe covers make up the boots for added stealth and comfort. Donning this ensemble will no doubt earn you the title of the world's greatest detective.
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