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The Sandman Morpheus Cosplay Costume C03129

The lord and personification of all dreams and reality, Morpheus (aka The Sandman), has existed since almost the beginning of time. This is a character with deep roots in mythology and has an intimidating costume to match. This dark and brooding ensemble is a sleek and stylish garment made from high-quality fabrics and materials. This black costume is devoid of all color, adding to the character’s macabre mystique. The costume is a mix of various fabrics that make up a shirt, vest and skirt. The shirt hangs down to the knees and fastens in the center by two buttons. The pleather sleeves of the vest are matched by a vest that fits securely over the shirt. It features line detailing throughout that forms a cross design in the center and a “v” shape at the bottom. A floor-length skirt flows freely around the legs and adds to the garment’s elegant design. With it’s other-worldly form and somber pallet it’s no wonder that sweet dreams are made of these!
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