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What if...? Peggy Carter Captain Carter Cosplay Costume C00678

What If Peggy Carter received the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rodgers? That’s the question you’ll find the answer to with this Captain Carter cosplay costume! Much like her otherworld counterpart that heavily features the American flag, this suit is donned with the Union Jack symbol to reflect her British citizenship. The red, white and blue stripes are plastered across the entire torso and add contrast to the rest of the suit. This outfit is made from the highest-quality materials and fabrics. A navy-blue pair of pleated cargo pants emphasizes the ensembles militaristic aesthetic and a separate stiped top provides the underlayer to the suit. A brown leather harness straps around the shoulders and attaches at the back while a matching belt buckles in the front and adds extra storage. A pair of brown leather gloves complements the rest of the costumes design nicely as do the knee-high boot covers shown below. Explore a whole new universe in this stupendous super soldier costume!!

What if...? Peggy Carter Captain Carter Cosplay Costume C07199

Anything is possible in the Multiverse. Alternate characters often become popular heroes. What If Peggy Carter had received the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers? That’s the question that will be answered when sporting this brilliant Captain Carter costume as see in the reality bending series What If…? Similar in design to the Captain America costume, this suit keeps the blue and white pallet and ditches any trace of red in favor for a more stealthy design. The stars and stripes are replaced with the British Union Jack symbol which is plastered prominently across the chest. The entire ensemble is made from incredibly high-quality materials. Comprised of a separate bottom and top, this suit retains the military style of its American counterpart with the pleather harness. The harness straps around the shoulders and crosses in the back. A matching belt wraps around the waist and is home to two pouches for additional storage. A pair of finger-less gloves put the finishing touch on this superior costume design as do the high-top boot covers that strap around the legs.
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