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Hanji Zoe character of Attack on Titans has been reborn as the Cosplay costume heads to the online market. With a simple full sleeved brown jacket over a yellow shirt with white pants under it, the costume would have been without any charm, were it not for the dark grey belt under which is tucked a dark brown cloth to stretch tightly across the mid thighs. Not only this, but there are also brown streaks of cloth winding down to the knee caps. Long boots, a brown wig with a high ponytail and weapons complement the costume and complete the spirit of the character.

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Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin Hanji Zoe Recon Corps Cosplay Costume mp000891

Hanji Zoe is the 14th commander of the Recon Corps and a former Squad Leader in charge of the fourth squad. She conducts research on Titans to learn more about the foundation and the origins of the Titans and to hit upon more of their weaknesses so that they can defeat them with ease. Hanji Zoe Recon Corps Cosplay Costume has been beautifully designed to give its wearers a stylish and elegant look. It is available in a set of a shirt, jacket, pants, hip wrap and 3D Maneuver Gear body harness. The yellow shirt increases the appeal of this outfit.

Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin Hanji Zoe Cosplay Wig 320J

Model Number:320H[br] Length:60cm[br] Weight:180g[br] Material:Synthetic Hair[br]

Attack on Titan Eren Ackermann Cosplay Boots mp000700

Model Number:PRO-136[br] Material:matt leather[br] Color:brown
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