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Grayish blue coloured shirt contrasts with the white pants underneath, while the brown jacket over the shirt matches the brown cloth tied around the pants, from which brown ribbons crawl to the knees. Long boots of a dark brown colour, same as the ribbons, reach well up to the upper portion of calves. A green cloak is also available. To complement the entire dress, the gears and weapons related to the character have also been put on sale. For the Attack on Titans fans, this personification of Hover’s character into fabric will be a treat. 

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Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin Bertolt Hoover Recon Corps Cosplay Costume

Bertolt Hover is the 3rd ranked trainee of the 104th Training corps graduating class in the famous Japanese anime series-Attack on Titans. Bertolt Hoover Recon Corps Cosplay Costume has been designed to give all its fans a chance to look like him. This outfit skillfully designed with 5 sets comprising of a shirt, a jacket, pants, and Maneuver Gear body harness and a hip wrap. This outfit distinctively makes its wearer stand out. Being a member of the training corps he is shown to have great potential and boldness.

Attack on Titan Eren Ackermann Cosplay Boots mp000700

Model Number:PRO-136[br] Material:matt leather[br] Color:brown
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