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The Armin Cosplay from Attack on Titans portrays the warrior spirit of the character. The brown jacket on the white shirt reaches the bottom of the breast. White pants are worn underneath. The simple plain white is adorned by brown shorts over them. The shorts stop at mid thigh. Brown cloth ribbons circle down to the knees. Long brown boots, together with a golden wig and a corps cloak complete the character. To add to the spirit, weapons that look like knives and pistols, plus the gear, are also available.

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Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin Armin Arlert Recon Corps Cosplay Costume mp000978

Armin Arlert is the main character in the famous Japanese comic Series and has a very close association with the other two major characters, Ackerman and Yeager. All of them are the member of Recon Corps. Although he is the weakest one of the physical power among their party, his high intelligence and strategic genius make him an invaluable asset. He is shown to have golden-yellow hair and looks impressive in his character. This costume available in all sizes comes in 5 sets which include a shirt, pants, Maneuver Gear body harness, a hip wrap and a jacket. Being one of the major characters, he is shown to be very friendly and caring towards his friends.

Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin Armin Arlart Cosplay Wig mp000725

Model Number:320c[br] Length:35cm[br] Weight:180g[br] Material:Synthetic Hair[br]

Attack on Titan Eren Ackermann Cosplay Boots mp000700

Model Number:PRO-136[br] Material:matt leather[br] Color:brown

Titan Robin Dick Grayson Cosplay Costume mp004327

Imagine being hailed as the relentless hero with this engrossing Robin cosplay costume which is highly charismatic! One of the essential characters of DC Comics, Robin isn’t just another sidekick but a support system for the popular Batman of Gotham City. Do you recognize yourself with Robin’s superhero attitude? Are you a crazy DC Comics fan? Then this Robin cosplay costume is the perfect fit for your personality. Portraying a surreal design that will lend a superhero feel and look, the cosplay costume comes with an engaging jumpsuit, a heroic cloak, super smart vest, super-strong belt, sturdy waistcoat, long-length gloves, a scintillating eye mask, and robust shoes for a dynamic personality. The intricate features of the cosplay costume combines sublimely with your personality to create a stronger portrayal of Robin. The entire cosplay costume gives away a feeling of righteousness that will emanate from your personality the moment you wear it. The range of materials used for this costume includes soft pineapple fabric, compound leather, bronze single layer leather, flexible PU leather, satin lining, classy black velvet, appealing black fur, and black stretch lining for a compelling outline that is appreciated by everyone. The cosplay costume is no less than a marvellous outfit that will be ideal for every theme or costume party. Let your love and adulation for DC Comics remain forever with you proudly flaunting off this amazing Robin cosplay costume.
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