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Enter the magical world of Teyvat and its seven nations with a series of cosplay costumes taken straight out of the role-playing game, Genshin Impact. Each costume features bold colors, unique patterns, and fine textures that create an elaborate design for these open-world characters. Each garment is handcrafted from an array of high-quality materials and is identical to their video game counterparts. As each nation takes inspiration from a real-world region, you'll have no problem fitting in while wearing an ensemble designed to complement your surroundings. While donning one of these colorful costumes your ability to explore these worlds is only limited by the power of your own imagination. Harness the power of the elements, solve puzzles, and team up with your friends to bring this fantasy adventure game to life! Wear one of these majestic outfits to your next convention, party, or simply for your own personal use.


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