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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes Cosplay Costume mp001611

Captain America Cosplay costumes take on a black hue as the online stores get crammed with it. The Bucky Barnes costume involves a leather sleeveless jacket with laces up its front, to be worn over a tight fitting leather shirt which is also entirely black, save for one arm which is silver and bears a silver star on it. Black pants are worn underneath which get squeezed right above the ankles with tight leg wears that also have laces to be tied over them. To complement the character, a black mask and black and silver gloves are also available.

Captain America:The Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes Cosplay Mask and Goggles mp003504

Bucky Barnes mask complements the Cosplay costume for Bucky Barnes of the Captain America series. The mask is grayish black with the centre more intensely coloured than the periphery. The mask tightly fits across the lower part of the face leaving only the eyes and the forehead visible. The mask indents at the cheek bones to fit over the face. Right beside the nose is a zone of darkly coloured leather, while the nose and the mouth itself are accommodated via tiny slits. Complement the character with the goggles that have huge glasses and a thick frame, and fit snugly over the ears and nose.
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