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Attention for the Delivery Time

Dear Customer
    Since the Halloween is approaching,so if you place the order now (Oct 12th),we are really busy,so you just can have the costume before the Halloween,even you paid the fast shipping.
After the Oct 12th,when you want the costume or the cosplay items before the Halloween,contact us before you order it,plz.
Also you need check our size chart (not the US size)carefully.


About the Size

Most of the costumes is not the US size.


Only there's a option for the US size,like US-L , is US size ,then you can select .

Make sure you select the right size before you order it .

Check the right size chart .





Attention! About the Payment

We have the samll issue about the Paypal.

So maybe you can't pay it after you placed the order, we will fix this problem within 24 hours.

If you can't pay it ,just try to pay after 24hours ,sorry about this trouble.

If you have any question,just contact us .



Q:If i get the wrong size costume,what should i do ?
A:First contact the seller,make sure you have checked the size chart.Then measure the chest,waist,and hips,put a ruler against the costume,make sure the data is clear,send pics to us.

Q:If i need the costume in rush,what should i do ?
A:You can leave a message about the date you need it by.

Q:If i received the damaged costume or the incomplete costumes,what should i do ?
A:First take the photos of it,send us the pics within 48 hours after you received it ,do not try it on,then we will deal with it.

Q:Who will afford the shipping fee for the return and exchange ?
A:That is depends on the situation,if you choosed the wrong size or you just want to return it withiout any reason, you should afford the shipping.If it is not our fault,we won't afford the shipping fee.For more details ,contact us thru email.

Q:How can i avoid the customs ?
A:We will try my best to avoid the customs,but we can't guarantee you won't be charged,since it is random.Also it is depends on the policy of each country.

Q:Do you accept the commission ?
A:Yes,we accept it,send us the pics ,that should include the back and some details.Let us know the date you need it by.

Q:Before i sign the package about the props,should i open it ?

A:Yes,you need open it ,then make sure it is without the damage,then sign it .

If not,just refuse it ,file a claim to the express company .

New Category

Dear customers

   We add the brand new category.It is the ready to ship,if you order it now,we can send it to you within two days.

If you order it,you can have it within 5-7 days,those costumes are in our US  warehouse.

All the costumes are standard size,not accept the custom size.If you need something in rush, just open it.

Check the size before you order it,some size is out of stock .

If you need the costume in custom size, just look for the listing that without the letter RTS. Then choose the custom size. Laughing

Black Friday Holiday Deals 10% off

Black Friday is comming !!!!

10% for all the products,just enter the coupon code Black Friday .

Only for 27th of Nov.

We have many new products,like the Green Arrow Series.

Look for your favorite costume, wigs, shoes,props,even the toys .

Just find the great deal !!!

Attention,very important !!


   Since the Halloween is coming,some of the costume are out of stock now,if you need it by Halloween,it is impossible now.

Especially the Korra, Team Fortress, Fairy Tail Grand Magic Games, Fairy Tail Jellal Fernandes Cosplay Costume , Link series  (except the ) ,Batman Riddler Edward Nygma Cosplay Costume,Fairy Tail Gajeel Redfox Cosplay Costume,if you want those by Halloween,it is impossible now ,hope you can understand.

For the other costume,if you need it by Halloween,just contact us ,thanks !!!

Coupon !!!

New Way to Get the Coupon !!

Dear Customer Surprised

    Now,share your pics of the order on your Facebook page,then send me the link, you can get some certain coupon code for the next purchase.  
It is avaliable within six month.

    It will worth $5,$10 or more,and it depends on your total amount of your last order.
It's very easy,just do it !!!


Dear Customer
  We will celebrate The Spring Festival from 14th Feb-1st March.
So when you place the order, plz inquire us about the delivery time in advance,so we can avoid the inconvenience for both of us.
  From now on,most of the orders will deliver by the middle of March or later except some costumes we have in stock, so inquire us any time. Wink

Hot Animation :The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra

    The Legend of Korra is overed now,now we want make a summary about it.It is a famous animated American television series that was set in Avatar Universe and aired on Nickelodeon television network as a sequel series to avatar from 14th April to 19th December 2014. This series, initially was conceived as a miniseries comprising on 12 episodes but later it was prolonged and ran for all in 52 episodes during the mentioned time period. It was produced by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko as a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender.

   The Legend of Korra, the Avatar after Aang, is a 17-years-old rebellious and hot-headed young woman from the Southern Water Tribe. With water, fire and earth under her belt, Korra must grip the art of airbending.Korra'spursuit directs her to Republic City, a virtual tender pot where nonbendersand benders live together. But she finds out soon that the land is inundated by crime and increasing antibendingriot that creeps upthe city to tear apart. The series follows Korra as she experiences various responsibilities, duties and challenges that arise with being the avatar but she is ready to take on the world. She is a very talented bender, keen to learn.

   The series mainly revolves around Korra and her friends, occasionally names as “Team Avatar: the non-bender Asami and the bending brothers Mako and Bolin. The older brother Mako is a fire bender described as "dark and brooding"who grew up on the streets of Republic City with his younger brother Bolin. Lean, tall and handsome, he was a talented member in pro-bending and before becoming a police officer, he was the former captain of the Fire Ferrets.

   His younger brother Bolin is an earthbender described as humorous, lighthearted, and "always [having] a lady by his arm"who together with his brother Mako, becomes friends with Korra. He has anunfathomable bond with his brother and holds a fire delve named Pabu. Bolin is optimistic and enthusiastic and, as a pro-bender, relishes all the attention he obtains from his female fans. His alluringtechniques land him a gig as an actor.

   Asami Sato, is the daughter of the rich industrialist Hiroshi Sato and she is the only non-bender amongst the leading roles.Tenzin is the youngest son of Kataraand Aang and of course is an airbending master.  Tenzin lives on Air Temple Island with Pema, his wife, along with his four children, Meelo, Ikki, Jinora, and Rohan.

   The leading characters are voiced by Seychelle Gabriel, Janet Varney, David Faustino, J. K. Simmons, P. J. Byrne, and Mindy Sterling, and supporting voice actors contain Steven Blum, Aubrey Plaza, Eva Marie Saint, Anne Heche, Henry Rollins, and Zelda Williams. Numerous people indulged in the creation of Avatar: The Last Airbender, containing composers Benjamin Wynn and Jeremy Zuckerman and designer Joaquim Dos Santos, returned to work on The Legend of Korra.The animation is mainly provided by Studio Mir of Korea.

    Review and Rating: The series has 8.7 rating by the users and critics which is pretty much good. However it is much more mature than it’s prequel, thus it is loved by viewers.

    The characters of Avatar,  The Last Airbender received both praise and criticism from reviewers.

    The story and character develop are well above average for a children's show. There are many "teaching" moments in each episode. The adults characters are respected and there are consequences for negative behaviors by the younger characters. Overall the brightest spot in the Nick line up.

    Excellent show that depicts children that act like real children who argue, make mistakes, and sometimes need turn to wise adults for guidance and advice. Deep epic themes and plots that an adult can appreciate but a child can also enjoy.

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