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Hot Animation :The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra

    The Legend of Korra is overed now,now we want make a summary about it.It is a famous animated American television series that was set in Avatar Universe and aired on Nickelodeon television network as a sequel series to avatar from 14th April to 19th December 2014. This series, initially was conceived as a miniseries comprising on 12 episodes but later it was prolonged and ran for all in 52 episodes during the mentioned time period. It was produced by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko as a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender.

   The Legend of Korra, the Avatar after Aang, is a 17-years-old rebellious and hot-headed young woman from the Southern Water Tribe. With water, fire and earth under her belt, Korra must grip the art of airbending.Korra'spursuit directs her to Republic City, a virtual tender pot where nonbendersand benders live together. But she finds out soon that the land is inundated by crime and increasing antibendingriot that creeps upthe city to tear apart. The series follows Korra as she experiences various responsibilities, duties and challenges that arise with being the avatar but she is ready to take on the world. She is a very talented bender, keen to learn.

   The series mainly revolves around Korra and her friends, occasionally names as “Team Avatar: the non-bender Asami and the bending brothers Mako and Bolin. The older brother Mako is a fire bender described as "dark and brooding"who grew up on the streets of Republic City with his younger brother Bolin. Lean, tall and handsome, he was a talented member in pro-bending and before becoming a police officer, he was the former captain of the Fire Ferrets.

   His younger brother Bolin is an earthbender described as humorous, lighthearted, and "always [having] a lady by his arm"who together with his brother Mako, becomes friends with Korra. He has anunfathomable bond with his brother and holds a fire delve named Pabu. Bolin is optimistic and enthusiastic and, as a pro-bender, relishes all the attention he obtains from his female fans. His alluringtechniques land him a gig as an actor.

   Asami Sato, is the daughter of the rich industrialist Hiroshi Sato and she is the only non-bender amongst the leading roles.Tenzin is the youngest son of Kataraand Aang and of course is an airbending master.  Tenzin lives on Air Temple Island with Pema, his wife, along with his four children, Meelo, Ikki, Jinora, and Rohan.

   The leading characters are voiced by Seychelle Gabriel, Janet Varney, David Faustino, J. K. Simmons, P. J. Byrne, and Mindy Sterling, and supporting voice actors contain Steven Blum, Aubrey Plaza, Eva Marie Saint, Anne Heche, Henry Rollins, and Zelda Williams. Numerous people indulged in the creation of Avatar: The Last Airbender, containing composers Benjamin Wynn and Jeremy Zuckerman and designer Joaquim Dos Santos, returned to work on The Legend of Korra.The animation is mainly provided by Studio Mir of Korea.

    Review and Rating: The series has 8.7 rating by the users and critics which is pretty much good. However it is much more mature than it’s prequel, thus it is loved by viewers.

    The characters of Avatar,  The Last Airbender received both praise and criticism from reviewers.

    The story and character develop are well above average for a children's show. There are many "teaching" moments in each episode. The adults characters are respected and there are consequences for negative behaviors by the younger characters. Overall the brightest spot in the Nick line up.

    Excellent show that depicts children that act like real children who argue, make mistakes, and sometimes need turn to wise adults for guidance and advice. Deep epic themes and plots that an adult can appreciate but a child can also enjoy.



1.16th-18th January

What? Magic City Comic Con

Where?Miami Airport Convention Center

Guests: Karen Gillan, Sybil Kikili, Joe Acaba, Jim Decker, Caitlin Glass and many more

Events: Geek film festival, Comic Con costume and performance competition, video game tournaments: fighting game and classic speedrun, Hall of fame: autographs and photos with celebrities


With over 800 events, Magic City Comic Con has more programming than any of its kind in Florida. This Comic Con was designed to ‘celebrate Comic Books, Animation, Cartoons, Anime, Video Games, Cosplay, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Pop Culture and all things Geek!’.

2.12th-15th March

What?All Con

Where?Crowne Plaza Hotel, Addison, Texas

Guests: Doug Jones, Cerina Vincent, Tim Lawrence, Stephen Constantino, Neil Caplan, Camden Toy, James Leary, Terry Naughton, Russ Adams, Heather Henry, Triston Johnson.

Events: Droid Hunt, Burlesque, Cosplay Contest, Maid Contest, Moulin Rouge, Imperial Gladiators, Texas Hold’em, Costume Contest, Dr Who’s Next Companion, Ms. Star Wars, Rocky Horror Picture Show.


All-Con has over 300 different events to experience in one weekend. The All-Con was first held in 2005. All-Con fills the entire venue, and Thursday is a free day open to the public!

3.11th and 12th April

What? East Cost Comic Con

Where? Meadowlands Exposition Center, NJ

Guests: Arthur Adams, Neil Adams, John Van Hamserveld, Steve Rude, Amy Reeder, Brandon Montclare, Ann Nocenti, Larry Hama, Basil Gogos, Frank Brunner, Jim Salicrup, Phil Sloan and many more.

Events: Panels, Costume Contest


East Coast Comic Con is a ‘small show about the comics’. This started in 2012 with just 32 tables, and by 2014 had to span over 2 days with over 180 exhibitors. 2015 will have over 300 exhibitors. Kids under 12 go free.

4.24th-26th April

What? Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo

Where?South Building at McCormick Place, Chicago

Guests: Amanda Connor, Humberto Ramos, David Finch, Dan Slott, Bill Willingham, Babs Tar, Gene Ha, Phil Hester, Scottie Young and many more.

Events:Panels, Screenings, Workshops, Interactive Classes, Drawing Demonstrations, Heroes and Villains costume contest, Cosplay championship


Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo is also known as C2E2. This convention is family friendly with the family HQ, has a floor packed with hundreds of exhibitors and brings you the most up to date and most popular Comic Con essentials

5.29th-31st May

What?Fan Expo Dallas

Where: Dallas Convention Center

Guests: TBA

Events:Autograph Sessions, Cosplay, Celebrity Photo Sessions, Workshops, Seminars, Panels, Q & A


Fan Expo Dallas is HUGE- with over 600 retailers in over 20,000 sq foot! This is the largest sci-fi, comics, gaming, horror and anime event in Texas. Fan Expo HQ is one of the largest entertainment convention groups in the world. 

6.13th June

What?LA Cosplay

Where? Hyatt Century City Plaza, LA, CA

Guests: Kyle Herbert, Andre Meadows, Ciji Thornton, Dominic Catrambone, Tay Zonday, Trisha Hershberger. More TBA

Events:Cosplay Contest, Gaming Zone, Panels


LA Cosplay is ‘the home for Cosplayers’. Enter competitions, attend talks about ‘how to turn your hobby in to a career’ and ‘choosing the right makeup for your costume’ whilst taking a break to game in between panels.

7. 25th-28th June

What?Florida Supercon

Where?Miami Beach Convention Center

Guests:Jim Shooter, Ivan Reis, John Beatty, Alan Bellman, Adelso Corona, Cosmic Times, Terry Cronin, Creature Entertainment and many more.

Events: Celebrity Autograph Area, Viewing room, Table Top Gaming, Gaming Lounge, Panels, Trivia, Short films, Cosplay and more TBA


Florida Supercon is the largest of its kind in Florida. This is their 10th annual event, with four whole days of Comic-Con fun!

8. 11th – 13thSeptember

What? Camp Anime

Where? Woodstock Valley, CT

Guests: Rainbow Bubble; Uncle Yo

Events: Panels, Workshops, Murder Mystery


Camp Anime is an intro to Comic Cons. It is a three day convention with a lot of indoor and outdoor fun. It is a camp, so you can stay for the weekend. This is a Con for the family, where the parents can come for a discounted price and be just as fun for the parents as it is for the children. Expect picnics, archery range, rock climbing, boating on the lake in Cosplay and much more.

9. 8th-11th October

What?New York Comic Con

Where?Javits Centre, NYC

Guests:TBA. Previous guests include: Adam West, Bill Nye, Charlie Cox, Elijah Wood, Lucy Liu, Seth Green and many more

Events:Panels, Screenings, Speed Dating, Costume Contests, Brooklyn Defender Bar


New York Comic Con is one of the hottest events on the scene. With a guaranteed star-studded line up of guests and panellists, and the biggest Comic Con in the country this is not one to be missed! 2014 saw NY Comic Con attract over 150 thousand guests!

10. 6th-8th November

What?Wizard World

Where?Kentucky International Convention Centre, Louisville, KY

Guests:Bruce Campbell, Louis Ferrigno, Michel Golden, Chris 51, Heather Miranda, C.S. Marks, Drew Blank and more TBA

Events:Autographs, Photo Ops, Panelling and more TBA – programme will be announced 10 days before


Wizard World is a widely popular Comic Con. The New Orleans Wizard World earlier this year sold out before the opening day. With 25 Comic Cons US wide, Wizard World must be doing something right!

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