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Get Ao no Exorcist Cosplay Idea-Interview with cosplayer Naokunn

Interview with cosplayer Naokunn -

Ao no Exorcist Cosplay Costumes

Naokunn is a cosplayer and freelance model from Singapore. Being exceptionally talented in the field of make up, Naokunn even manages to crossplay and has successfully crossplayed characters such as Hatsune Miku(Matryoshka version) from Vocaloid and C.C from Code Geass. Shuyin from Final Fantasy X-2 and Rin Okumura from Ao no Exorcist are among the many male characters he has cosplayed in the 3 years that he has been cosplaying. Let's find out more about the makeup guru!

Biography :

Name - Naoya / Naokunn / Alan
DOB - 05/08/1989
Height - 171 cm
Weight - 60kg

1. Could you introduce yourself to the readers?

Naokunn :-
Hello! I am Naoya From Singapore!, I love playing sports and Cosplaying!!.
Nice to meet Everyone! :3

2. What got you into cosplaying and for how long have you been cosplaying?

Naokunn :-
I started Cosplaying Because of kateikyoushi hitman reborn, Loved the series and characters! Really wanted to portray them! that's how I started on my first Cosplay.
I have been Cosplaying for almost 3 years already~, My first Cosplay was on May 22, 2009!

Ao no Exorcist Cosplay Costumes

3. Why did you choose to cosplay Rin Okumura?

Naokunn :-
I Love his character development and he's kind, cute, helpful, I love him when he's fighting too! he's very cool!, Love his character~! It's like I want try bringing him to life!!.

4. Did you face any difficulties in cosplaying Rin?

Naokunn :-
Yes, his Wig, I took awhile to choose a color that I wanted, I didn't want to use Black or Dark Blue Wig, I was looking for Dark Blue Mix with Black Wig, It took me awhile to find the wig, Other that that i don't think there is much problem~

Ao no Exorcist Cosplay Costumes

5. Can you give the readers some tips on cosplaying Rin Okumura?

Naokunn :-
For the make up wise, i think it's better to make your make up slightly whiter (In My Opinion) Because he's still a demon~, but take note of your skin tone around your neck area too! and play around with contouring, for his eye make up, it's best that you do a cos-test first so at least u can try out first~ can try sharp eye make-up too and play around with Brown eyeshadow and apply abit below your eye and use a red eyeshadow apply it more to the side and blend it. remember to use make up brush when applying~

6. How often do you crossplay?

Naokunn :-
Hmm, Once in a while~ as there are only a few character which i will try because of their clothes, for now I prefer to Cosplay guys who Crossplay in the series but I still got plan for crossplay but not much!

Ao no Exorcist Cosplay Costumes

7. Which character do you love cosplaying the most?

Naokunn :-
There are a few characters that i love Cosplaying them!! i can't really pick one > Okumura Rin is one of my fav too!

8. Why do you cosplay? Everyone has a reason, what is yours?

Naokunn :-
I Cosplay because I really enjoy spending time thinking of how to improve on the character and get into character, It's fun portraying the characters out in our own way! It also makes me feel more relaxed and I'm able to enjoy, It help me a lot in life too. As I have back problems, Cosplaying really helped me so I'm able to relax and enjoy myself, but it will still cause me pain. but Cosplay is a important hobby to me!!

Ao no Exorcist Okumura Rin  Cosplay Costumes

Want to keep tabs on Naokunn?
Follow him on : Facebook , Deviantart , Youtube

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Get Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Cosplay Idea-Interview with cosplayer HezaChan

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Cosplay

HezaChan has been known for her outstandingly innovative and charismatic costumes in the otaku world. Ranging from the innocent looking yet bratty, Chibiusa of Sailor Moon, to the incredibly sexy I-No of Guilty Gear XX, HezaChan can carry it all off! She has also won various awards as a talented cosplayer. Her most recent work was a stewardess variation of Stocking's costume, a character from the anime series Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt; which she wore at Anime Boston 2012. Let's get to know more about her!

Biography :

Name :- HezaChan
Age :- 26
Place :- Boston, USA
Height :- 5"6
Fav anime :- Saber Marionette (all series), Sailor Moon Super S, Nurse Witch Komugi-Chan Majikarte, Perfect Blue, DiGi Charat, and Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.

1. When did you realize your love for cosplaying and what inspired you to start cosplaying?

HezaChan :-
After my first anime convention and dressing up there I was hooked. I love cosplay not only becasue I get to be someone else and create costumes, but because its an easy way to make friends who are into the same things as you are. Cosplay opens up conversation! I really didn't know what cosplay was, I just sort of figured if people dressed up at Scifi conventions that they must do it at anime conventions too. So I just sort of went with it. I was however inspired by other cosplayers work when I started making more costumes for myself. Yaya Han and Alisa-chan were huge inspiration to me when I was starting out back in 2001.

2. Why did you choose to cosplay Stocking?

HezaChan :-
She is my favorite character in the series besides Kneesocks. Not only do I like her personality, but I like her character design as well. All of her outfits are just too cute!

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Cosplay

3. Tell us about your experience with cosplaying. What was your first cosplay?

HezaChan :-
I got into anime and manga when I was in middle school. Back then, there was only other person that I knew back then that was into it too. We ended up becoming best friends, and once we reached high school we both ended up finding out about a local anime convention. We both made Cosplay costumes of our favorite characters for the con not knowing that it was called cosplay or that other people would be doing it too. My first cosplay was Lime from Saber Marionette J. I love her character dearly and wanted to protray her at the convention.

4. How do you face your difficulties regarding cosplaying?

HezaChan :-
All costumes have parts which can be difficult to make or to figure out. When that happens I tend to take a break from it and think about the problem. Eventually I come up with a solution. But I have been known to throw a temper tantrum at certain parts of costumes that I've made. Haha~

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Cosplay

5. How much time was involved in making the costume? Are you satisfied with the outcome of your efforts?

HezaChan :-
It depends on how much free time I have. If I had 2 weeks of time where I wasn't working at all, I could totally finish a costume in that amount of time. I tend want instant gratification, so I try to work quickly to achieve the goal of having the costume done as soon as possible. However, most of the time I'm working at my job, so I just use any time off that I can to make a costume. This can make me take a month or two to finish a costume.

6. What are you planning to cosplay in the future?

HezaChan :-
I have many costumes I want to make, but I feel as if I don't always have the time. But if I do I would love to cosplay Iron Mouse from Sailor Moon Stars, Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon SuperS, Chu from Animal Magnetism, and Miku Hatsune (Sonic Costume).

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Cosplay

7. Any piece of advice for the cosplay virgins out there?

HezaChan :-
Don't overwhelm yourself on your first project. Start with something simple. Remember, there are plenty of tutorials online to help you with your costume making -- and have FUN!!

Want to keep tabs on HezaChan?
Here's her website : HezaChan

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Get Puella Magi Madoka Magica Cosplay Idea-Interview with cosplayer Meimei Chibi

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Meet Meimei Chibi, a cosplayer from Vietnam. With her extravagant talent and adorable look she has cosplayed a wide range of characters such as Kaname Madoka From Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid, Mio Akiyama from K-On! and so much more. Meimei Chibi's Madoka Kaname cosplay submission for Otaku House's Cosplay Idol Duet Showcase - Asia has been featured in the Top 30 Favourites. Meimei was kind enough to share with us some info about her. Read on to find out more.

1. How about you introduce yourself first?

Meimei :-
I'm Meimei Chibi, cosplayer from Vietnam, you can call me Meimei. My sign is Gemini and I love pink and cute stuff :D Nice to meet you all!

2. What got you into cosplaying?

Meimei :-
I've read a lot of manga since i was just a little girl but I didn't know anything about cosplay until 2007 i came to my first cosplay festival which was held at my location. It was like a magical world, full of happiness. Later I met some new friends, they love manga and anime just like I do and together we set up a cosplay group. My first cosplay is Nana Komatsu from the manga Nana.

Procosplay-Puella Magi Madoka Magica Cosplay Costumes

3. Why did you choose to cosplay Madoka Kaname?

Meimei :-
Last year when the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica first came out, I enjoyed every episode and after finishing the series, I was touched by the beautiful friendship of Madoka and Homura so me and my friends decided to cosplay this anime. Of course I love Madoka the most so I chose to cosplay her.

4. You've been included in Otaku House's Top 30 favourites: Cosplay Idol Duet Showcase - Asia. Can you describe the experience?

Meimei :-
Kinda suprised, like "Wow, so happy that many people likes this picture, maybe we've done a good job!"

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

5. How did you manage to pull off Madoka Kaname's look and character?

Meimei :-
Hmm... I've watched the series many times and listened to its OST, somehow I can understand the feeling of Madoka Kaname. I've practiced Madoka's make up 2 times until I got her child look.

6. Where do you often go for your photoshoots?

Meimei :-
I often go to the park or some coffee shops that have good background for my cosplay.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

7. What is your favourite part about cosplaying?

Meimei :-
It's the progress when making a cosplay, very fun especially with partners!

8. Do you have any embarrassing cosplay moment that you'd like to share with us?

Meimei :-
I still remember the first time i made my first cosplay photoshoot with my group, my character was Nana Komatsu and I had to express her love with my partner who cosplayed Takumi. At this time I was just 16 years old so I was very very shy when doing romantic actions like hug or hold hands >_< But then I learned that cosplay is very hard but fun ^^

Want to keep tabs on Meimei Chibi?
Here's her blog URL : Meimei Chibi

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Top 10 Most Popular Cosplays Series

Without any doubt, Cosplay has become the latest trend of the youth and so there are number of choices available for cosplayers. Choosing the right and perfect matching cosplay costume is the most challengeable factor, but the secret of the success as well. Here we bring out ten cosplays series which are very popular in the cosplay industry and so you can choose the best matching character from numerous of characters, you meet in these series.

Final Fantasy X-2 is an amazing role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix specially designed for Sony PlayStation 2. It was launched in year 2003, as Final Fantasy X  has become the best-selling game of 2001. The story of the game follows the main character Yuna introduced from Final Fantasy X because she tries to resolve political divergences in the imaginary world of Spira before it directs to war. Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife are the most admirable characters among the cosplayers and so the cosplay costumes of these two characters are available for you.

Hetalia Axis Powers originally came as Japanese web-comic and later modified by Hidekazu Himaruya, as a manga series as well as an anime series. This series' main presentation is a symbol of historic and political events while providing a general cultural comparison. Also this is positioned in the Second World War era while anthropomorphic characters are representing the countries. Some of the main characters in this series are Russian Ivan Braginski, Prussia Gilbert Beilschmidt, Byelorussia Natasha Alfroskaya and Canada Matthew, Uncle Sam and John Bull.

The name Pokémon is the Romanized short form of the Japanese manga series named as Pocket Monsters and so such contractions are fairly general in Japan. When we consider about this manga series’ popularity, though initially this came as a most popular game, its manga version has gained the attraction very well. Therefore the characters that come in the Pokémon are also very popular among the cosplay fans.

Bleach is a famous manga series of Japan, which has been illustrated and written by Tite Kubo. Bleach pursues the adventures of young Ichigo Kurosaki once he acquires the powers of a Soul Reaper or a death personification compared to the Grim Reaper as of another Soul Reaper called, Rukia Kuchiki. His spanking powers compel him to take on the duties of safeguarding humans from the evil spirits while guiding the souls which are departed to the eternal life. This series other characters are Karin, Yuzu, Sado Yasutora and Inoue Orihime.

Black Butler is another most popular cosplay series and it is a manga which was written and illustrated by Yana Toboso. This was released on 16th of September, 2006 and it has become more popular among its fans, while being so popular among the cosplayers. Therefore when you search for cosplay costumes of these characters, easily you can find them.

Naruto is a continuing Japanese manga series which was written and illustrated by famous manga artist Masashi Kishimoto. The scheme reveals that the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a teenager ninja who continuously searches for appreciation and always dreams to become the Hokage or the ninja in his area who is well recognized as the leader and the strongest person of all. The series was designed based on a short comic by Kishimoto which was published in August 1997.

As an action role-playing game, Kingdom Hearts II is very popular and it has been developed by Square Enix and published with the cooperation of Square Enix Buena and Vista Games in 2005 as a game for Sony’s PlayStation 2. The game's high popularity has become the major reason in the releasing of the manga series and novel which was developed based on the game and the series international version named as Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix was released in March 2007. Another important factor is that its Roxas and Namine characters are very popular among the cosplayers who love the Kingdom Hearts.

Another main attraction of cosplay fans is “Reborn!” Is a Japanese manga series and it is identified as Katekyo Hitman Reborn in Japan. Manga artist Akira Amano has written and illustrated it. The scheme of the series spins around the life of a youthful boy who named Tsunayoshi Sawada, a boy who discovers out, that he is the next in line to become the chief of a most powerful Vongola Family or Vongola Mafia organization. Therefore the most powerful hitman of Vongola, a gun-toting toddler named as Reborn, is directed to tutor "Tsuna" to learn how to become a reputable boss.

Sailor Moon is known as Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon in Japan and it was designed by manga artist Naoko Takeuchi. Though previous magical girls haven’t used their own powers against evil, the Sailor Moon manga series reintroduce the magical-girl genre, but this series has become a regular archetype of the genus. The series features a wide-ranging cast of characters. Primarily, the main characters are Sailor Moon, her interest love Tuxedo Mask, Guardian Senshi and Sailors named; Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus.

Hatsune Miku is the mascot character of the initial episode of the Vocaloid 2 Character Vocal Series which was released on 31st of August, 2007. As the history says, the name of the character and the title of the software were chosen by combining the words “Hatsu” for first, “Ne” for sound and “Miku” for future. The data for the voice was designed by actually sampling the tone of Saki Fujita, a world famous Japanese voice actress. The characters come along with Vocaloid 2 is very popular among the cosplay fans and so there are many cosplay costumes are readily available related with these characters.

How to Get Cosplay Ideas

It is the reality that most of the cosplay fans have their own favorite cosplay anime whom they imitate in the occurrence of need to wear a cosplay costume for fun. But in most cases, the costumes which people wear are not matching at all. It is a great importance in which you choose the right role which best matches you and so you have to perform well in this situation as your show off depends on this selection process. If you fail, adverse criticism with unpleasant eye contact from people around you may flow towards you.  In this condition, simply your mind asks you the question “how to get an excellent cosplay idea?” and here we bring out how you should choose your best cospaly costume, simply without getting bored.

First and foremost, you have to pay attention on your figure.  If your body’s size, portion and shape are similar with your favorite character, you will look excellent when you wear the cospaly costume with using accessories, which are not to absurd or rough. But remember, that you have to use the necessary accessories for your anime, as you can gain the attraction of others, rather than just a costume. Males usually meet suitable roles than females in case of the matching figure characters and so the males are much more beneficial than females. But the girls have many choices of costumes which can be used to expose most of the body parts. Though it’s much better, be careful when choosing the clothes and make sure your body’s merits and demerits. Also the females who have plump figures should avoid the cosplays which may expose the body parts as in many cases it doesn’t suit them. The girls who have ideal leg shapes can where any suit while the rest of girls can choose a cosplay anime with a longer skirts and trousers.

Then, when it comes to the facial appearance and hair, the cosplay wigs and make-up come forward to assist you in making your imitating a success. Most important factor is that the make-up should be suitable to your costume, as an example if you are impersonating some of the gorgeous characters, you’ll need a heavy makeup. Same condition applicable for the selection process of cosplay wigs. If you are a female with a long hair, you have to be more careful than others because you will have to protect your hair and keep it healthy. Some girls and boys tint their hair for fun in order to get the same appearance of the character who they are imitating. Remember that hair tinting and other hair fashions may directly affects to your hair, most probably with negative effects. Therefore the best thing is using a cosplay wigs with suitable costumes and then you can keep your hair healthy. There are numerous choices available and only thing what you have to do is choosing one of the best matching wig for your costume from many predesigned cosplay wigs.

Through all these strategies, definitely you will be able to wear yourself with a wonderful cosplay costume. We know that you want to show off yourself in any special occasion and that’s why we always guide you by sharing our best experiences with you as we have many experiences related with the cosplay fashion industry.

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