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DRAMAtical Murder DMMD Cosplay Idea-Interview With Nikki

 Nikki is a cosplayer from  FL of Unite States. She started cosplaying in 2011 and going on !!

 So , introduce yourself shortly and say hi to everybody :D
    Hello everyone! My name is Nikki, cosplayer from Florida! Hope you're having a great day or night!

1.When did you start cosplaying ?
April 2011

2.what got you into cosplaying ?

   My friends would come back from the cons and talk about the great time they had and I want  to be a apart of it !I’ve heard about the cons since 2007 and finally went to one 4 years later after I graduated and it was amazing !

3.What’s your first cosplay ?

   2D from Gorillaz

4.Can you tell us your favorite characters about the Anime ?

   My favorite character from DMMD is (Clearly) Clear! I love his design and voice and personality. He's the sweetest out of all the boyfriends.

5.I knew that you like the DMMD ,Why ?

   I love DMMD for the design. The all over quality of the designs of the characters and environments.

6.And I also want to know what characters you ever been cosplayed ?

    Oh wow, that's a long answer. You can find the list (with links) to all the characters I've ever cosplayed here:

7.Can you tell us how the cosplays influence your daily life ?

      Hm, well I'm working most of the time, so cosplay takes the money I make? Haha. But whenever I'm out shopping, I'll usually be shopping for cosplay and not myself.

8. What's your dream cosplay?

     I'd love to be able to do a Daft Punk cosplay with a full functioning helment. Or Barnaby's Hero Suit from Tiger & Bunny!

9.You’re so unique, What future cosplays are you planning ?

 Oh,wow, thank you for thinking I am! My future cosplay list is massive but a few of the ones I really want to start on are:
Edward Elric (WIP at the moment) Dark from DN Angel Kitty from Danny Phantom (with my girlfriend as Johnny) Sophie from Howls Moving Castle (with my girlfriend as Howl) Kaoru (with my girlfriend as Hikaru) & Tamaki from OHSHC Ace Ventura EVA Unit Drop Dead Fred .To name a few I'd like to do relatively soon.

10. Will you be a professional cosplayer in future ?

   Of course !


For those who want follow Nikki

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