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Cosplay Review-Get The Legend of Korra Amon Cosplay idea

Here we have the newest addition to the growing avatar cosplays and we welcome the anti-bending “Amon”! The user known as “thegadgetfish”, has put together a well round up cosplay costume that finally shows an Amon that looks as mysterious and raw as he does in the anime. What is more so amazing is that the mask has been created by the cosplayer himself. It is very hard to find a good Amon mask, as the others that float around the net look cheap and amateur and pretty much, not Amon like. This cosplayer strikes the pose which brings out what Amon is really all about. The padded armour which showcases a very oriental theme and the hooded suite to match everything together really makes the character stand out and not look out of place of shifty.  Also the colours on the costume are fabulous. The dark colours make it a very close rendition but keep the entire costume grounded with the shiny shoulder pads and arm pads. With all the previous renditions you wouldn’t be afraid to run into an Amon, but you wouldn’t want run into this Amon in real life, as the moves look smooth and not forced with a hint of genius behind him with the water fountain. He showcases his other photos which put him head to head with other favourite Avatar characters.  With all that said it’s quite a costume that I could see be popular among that fans. Especially that it looks comfortable to be in (unless it’s a hot day) and would actually make you feel like the character itself. Not just from the inside but the outside as every intricate detail, from the padded areas to the darker areas with different materials. The mask itself brings the entire attire together, and I’m sure if there was an anti-air bender to come into force into our world, he’d be looking for “thegadgetfish” for his costume closet. For more great cosplay from this user, please visit his Deviant Art webpage “” . 

Cosplay Review-Get RWBY Cosplay idea From Sorayomi

Now look what we have here! Our eyes have the pleasure to see Blake in RWBY revived in spectacular fashion in this cosplay costume from the user “Sorayomi”. Together with her Gambol Shroud katana, this costume is a near exact copy from the actual anime (let alone the lady in the costume) of the subtle Blake. What really makes this cosplay costume so great is the simplistic details added to both costume and prop. It is very natural and little editing (if not none) went into this actual photograph which is a really hard feat since re-creating anime characters requires a little bit of Photoshop magic. Never less this flawless portrayal is eye candy for any RWBY fan. The detail in the Katana to the swirling of the ribbon in the wind, it is a cleverly put together to re-create a fantastic feel of the character. To create that anime look, special makeup has been applied to create the anime eyes, and contacts to add more of an effect to it. The pale face and slim build really brings together the entire costume, also with the blade itself with the extruding gun. Great prop design went into this as in the other photos that the user “Sorayomi” has posted up really shows off the different uses of the katana. Her face expression makes everything look natural and not too contrived or posed. It is one of the best cosplay I’ve personally seen, and that is because of the entire look actually looks like the anime Blake jumped out of the anime world into ours. It is such a close rendition of the character and “Sorayomi” really fits the character and embraces it perfectly. If you would like to see more amazing cosplay by this user please visit her deviant art page:

Cosplay Review-Get Alice Madness Returns Cosplay idea

And here she is! Alice is refreshingly revived from the game Alice: Madness returns, in fantastic fashion by the user called ‘Kill the light’ on deviant art.  Not only do they bring out the vibrant reds, but the background with the blue Morpho’s surrounding her give the abstract feel of the character. She looks creepily attractive with her school girl look and bloodied hands but her subtle expression on her face would make her a person to die for. The whole entire cosplay costume is beautifully updated from our known current style to encompass the psychologically troubled Alice we have come to love. The long white hair stays perfectly white with all the blood spilled off her hands without a trace of it on her outfit. Together with the laced sequins from her waist, the old fashioned maid boudoir attire shouts out French influenced costume. The amount of detail in the cosplay outfit is amazing. From the small details of the small skull belt to the subtle use of the necklace and make up paled skin. Holding the blade almost exactly like the cover art for the PlayStation 3 release, the user ‘kill the light’ strikes poses that shows off not only the outfit but the makeup on her face and colour in her eyes. With the other photos it almost has a vampire look but keeps you familiar with Alice. One thing is for sure, if you did meet a girl like this coming after you then you wouldn’t know if to run or hide! Even after seeing a bloodied knife. It’s a beautifully, artistically and detailed cosplay outfit that although simple is also incredibly complex in design. To see more of ‘Kill the light’s’ amazing cosplay photos then please visit her deviant art page by Dantelian.

Cosplay Review-Get Green Arrow Cosplay idea From The_Wolverine

     It is a hard to find a great Green Arrow cosplay costume, even more so because of how many times the character has been re-invented. Most recently is the newer darker version that the hit TV series “Arrow” has taken upon the character. Here this hunky chap on has created a great Green arrow costume that makes you forget that it’s a man wearing tights.The costume keeps the character looking like a badass superhero with-out making him resemble a Robin Hood. Nether less the leather hooded gillet underlying the skin tight pants creates a comic feel but a more serious persona. Couldn’t you see this guy facing off against the brick? I sure can! As everything about the costume adds the brute persona the Green Arrow has. Normally wearing a mask without eye makeup could distract from any outfit and make it look cheap or out of place. Not here! The more open views for the eyes add more of a human feel to it. Add the person in the suite who has the look of a gritty Green Archer and a full body to match; I think it’s one of the best circling the net. Wouldn’t you agree? With the darker shades of Green on top with the lighter shades below, you can’t help but resemble the costume a mix of both.This is the outcome of the two put together and i must say it looks quite magnificent, with keeping with the old and bringing in the new. If you’re a Green Arrow fan or a follower of the TV series I am sure you will have admiration for the  portrayal this guy has put together. They also have many cosplay pictures where they show off their different varieties of costumes.

All Pictures are from The_Wolverine:

Black Butler - Claude Faustus Costume

Black Butler 2 Kuroshitsuji Claude Faustus Cosplay Costume

Cosplay attire happily offer Dark-colored Black Butler2 Costume. It is a Claude Faustus Costume for on the internet purchase. The idea of the attire comes from Dark-colored Servant 2-Kuroshitsuji Claude Faustus, a popular cartoons. In those cartoons Claude Faustus had small black hair and eyeglasses like Bill Warrior spears, from past Kuroshitsuji sequence. The attire content 7 sets: tux, jacket, tie, sleeve jewelry, lanyards, tops and pants; complete attire for a butler. It is made by relaxed components.

Natural cotton twill content and coating is used here. It is common attire for men. Men of different age groups and dimension can use it. Different colors are available at Cosplay Store. You can select your preferred shade from here. You can change your attire shade according to your get-up. Different colors tux and tops are available. You can use the internet for you Dark-colored Butler2 Costume. You can pay via PayPal or your bank card for the transaction. After the transaction verification Cosplay Store will start making your attire. You should purchase by your dimension. 8 gardens to 2XS-3Xl are the dimension verities for the Dark-colored Butler2 Costume. You have to select the right dimension for your body. You also can select the delivery method. After developing your attire Cosplay Store organized a delivery for you. It would take 5 to 25 days. Shipment time may be impacted by your delivery process and your place. This attire is mainly for cartoons dependent.

They are viewing their preferred cartoons personality use that and they also want to create attire like that. Procosplay provide you with the assurance to meet up with you want and provides you the opportunity to use it. Above all Dark-colored Butler2 Costume is expert piece. It’s just like Claude Faustus from Kuroshitsuji. So rush up and meet your wish to use the Claude Faustus Costume.  Absolutely you will be fulfilled.

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