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Get Best Uta no Prince Sama Cosplay Idea-Interview with cosplayer Hayato

Interview with cosplayer Hayato -

Hayato a.k.a. Lucky is a cosplayer from Germany. She has cosplayed characters such as Heiwajima Shizuo from Durarara, Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass and Dino Cavallone from Katekyou Hitman Reborn. We at ProCosplay loved her marvellous cosplay of Otoya Ittoki from Uta no Prince Sama. Let's get to know more about her!

Biography :-

Name: Lucky
Place: Cologne - Germany
DOB: 31/12/84
Fav anime: Prince of Tennis, Code Geass and 07-Ghost

1. Could you introduce yourself to the readers?

Hayato :-
Hello guys! :D
I'm Lucky (you can also call me Hayato), a german cosplayer for more than 7 years already. I love this hobby so much I hope it will last for many, many years! I work full-time as an accounting clerk and training supervisor in whole Germany. In my free time I work on my cosplays and love playing Videogames like Sims 3 and the MMORPG Ragnarok Online.
Every Cosplay I wear is self-made and I learned sewing on my own just because I want to cosplay! >D

2. What got you into cosplaying and for how long have you been cosplaying?

Hayato :-
I guess I was all the time being a cosplayer. Even when I didn't knew what Cosplay was I wanted to be my favorite Comic- and Anime-Characters an carnival!. My first encounter with "Cosplay" as Cosplay was at the age of ~20 at a german convention (Connichi) and it dug me so deep in since this moment back then.

3. Why did you choose to cosplay Otoya Ittoki?

Hayato :-
When I saw the Anime, Otoya was such a cheerful character and though he had something "special" in his appearance and character which fascinated me somehow and which I still can't figure out exactly. Even if this kind of character isn't normally the one I would choose I decided it should be HIM. Maybe it was this challenge to display him the way he appeared to me.

4. Could you give the readers some tips on cosplaying Otoya Ittoki?

Hayato :-
Pleeeease pay more attention to the wig! To style a wig correctly makes soooooo much difference especially while cosplaying Otoya. His haircut isn't really hard to copy! (If you need some styling tips feel free to ask me! :D)
But this is a tip in general. In my opinion a correctly styled wig is nearly half the cosplay.

5. How often do you cosplay? Is it something you do for conventions and events only?

Hayato :-
In general I cosplay mostly for conventions, events and shootings. But it also happens from time to time that I dress up as my friends favorite character for some special happenings (like Birthday or something) just for surprising them.

6. Which character do you love cosplaying the most?

Hayato :-
Uhhh that's really hard!
But I think.... it's Atobe Keigo from Prince of Tennis und Ittoki Otoya. They are both so different but I have absolutely no problems to portray them. (And especially to Atobe Keigo I have some deeper personal bonds)

7. How do you face your difficulties regarding cosplaying?

Hayato :-
I spam my twitter time with my whining! xD (I would love to say I'm just kidding, but that's the truth!)
But to solve the problems I talk with my friends to gather some tips or other opinions. If this doesn't help I browse trough some other cosplayer who did the same cosplay. (Yeah I do! I think everbody does more or less even if they don't admit it!)

8. Why do you cosplay? Everyone has a reason, what is yours?

Hayato :-
For fun. Srsly!
I usually cosplay the characters/series/pairings I ship at the moment and I think it's the best to cosplay it then. Also its the best when you could act as the character you love so much during a shooting and at least see the results.
I did a lot in the cosplay scene - I had my own showgroup for many years, I moderated conventions, participated at competitions, was jury for competitions.. I loved everything a lot but it's all nothing compared to feeling when you "act" as the character and see how positive others react on this.
At leats I was able to meet so many awesome people and got friends with them. I don't want to miss this anymore.

9. Any piece of advice for the cosplay virgins out there?

Hayato :-
Pay more attention to the wigs! *laughs*
No, srsly: Just have fund and just do what you want to do! Cosplay only the characters you want and when you want it to do.
Yeah, you're right: Its easier said than done and it's a hard competition out there especially as a newbie... But never ever forget why you started cosplay... Never forget the feeling you had when you made the decision for your first cosplay!

Want to keep tabs on Hayato?
Follow her on her deviantart and worldcosplay

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