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Get Highschool of the Dead Cosplay Idea-Interview with cosplayer Sushi Monster

Interview with cosplayer Sushi Monster -

 Highschool Of The Dead Cosplay Costumes

Meet Sushi Monster, a cosplayer and hairdresser from California! Kneesocks from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Serah from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Winry from Full Metal Alchemist are some examples of the vast number of characters that she has cosplayed. We at ProCosplay were fascinated by her incredibly sexy cosplay of Rei Miyamoto from Highschool of the Dead. Sushi Monster was kind enough to share with us some info about her. Read on to find out more!

Biography :

Name:Sushi Monster
Place:Orange County, CA
DOB:January 4
Fav anime:Not anime, but I am obsessed with The Legend of Korra!

1. Could you introduce yourself to the readers first?

Sushi Monster :-
I'm a veteran cosplayer from California who also loves fashion, hair and makeup! I like to cosplay and hang out with friends on my free time and do fashion shoots and hair in my work time.

2. What got you into cosplaying and for how long have you been cosplaying?

Sushi Monster :-
I have been cosplaying since summer 2005, so it's been 7 years now. I got into cosplaying when I was in high school and my friend wanted me to go to an anime con with her. I heard people dressed up, so I made an original ninja costume and went. I was amazed and overwhelmed by all the awesome cosplayers I was seeing, and ever since then I was been sucked in.

 Highschool Of The Dead Cosplay Costumes

3. Why did you choose to cosplay Rei Miyamoto?

Sushi Monster :-
I love the show Highschool of the Dead and wanted to cosplay from it. I originally wanted to do Saeko but decided in the end to portray Rei and make her look more fierce and confident than in the show. I also always wanted to do a shoot where I could fight off zombies!

4. Could you give the readers some tips on cosplaying Rei Miyamoto?

Sushi Monster :-
Don't be afraid to show some skin and be a bit perverted! You are cosplaying from a super fanservice show drawn by a hentai artist, so it's ok to do fanservicey shots. You can do a lot of action and fighting poses too, since the show is about fighting zombies. Also when looking for a wig, her hair isn't blonde ?it's more of an orangey brown tone. And don't  forget her hair antenna! It is a major detail of the character Rei herself. Confidence is key!

Highschool Of The Dead Cosplay Costumes

5. Did you face any difficulties in cosplaying Rei Miyamoto?

Sushi Monster :-
I didn't really face any difficulties other than figuring out the ahoge/hair antenna on her wig. She was one of my easier cosplays to do!

6. What according to you are the pros and cons of cosplaying?

Sushi Monster :-
If you make your costumes, you gain tons of skills, such as wig styling, sewing, prop construction, just creative ways to make things in general. You get to make yourself look totally different and to portray your favorite characters. You also meet a lot of people at cons with the same interests and can make a lot of lifetime friendships. Sometimes you may even find love! You have a nerdy group of friends you can freely fangirl with haha! You also get recognition from other talented artisans and fans of series if you do a good job on a costume!
Cons: It's a pretty expensive and time consuming hobby. Materials to make or buy costumes add up, and if you attend conventions, it's l cost even more! It can get really stressful days before the con when you are crunching to get costumes done by a deadline. A lot of people, especially on the internet, are very harsh and cruel and may make mean, horrible comments, but you are putting yourself out there so you kind of just have to take it along with the good. People also tend to become pretty cliquish or elitist over this nerdy hobby so that is another con.

Best Highschool Of The Dead Cosplay Costumes

7. Do you see yourself cosplaying in 10 years?

Sushi Monster :-
Of course! I see myself being an old grandma and still cosplaying. Of course as I age I'm l pick more character and body appropriate cosplays, but there is always all sorts of characters I want to play dress up in, even if it's not anime or video game related. Cosplaying and cons are a huge part of my life so I can see myself still attending cons and cosplaying for the rest of my life, even if it's only once a year.

8. How do you view yourself as a cosplayer?

Sushi Monster :-
I view myself as someone who just likes to do it for fun and for friends. I do costume construction pretty seriously because Iam a perfectionist but my actual attitude about it is pretty laid back and that we should just do it as a hobby and to have fun with it.

Best Highschool Of The Dead Cosplay Costumes

9. Any piece of advice for the cosplay virgins out there?

Sushi Monster :-
Remember that this hobby is for FUN! If you are not having fun and stressing out too much, you are not doing it right. Don't be afraid to ask questions, however, there is a good chance that there is some sort of guide to what you are cosplaying out there already, so do your research first! Google, Deviantart and forums are a great help. You can ask for advice, but don't expect people to give you step by step or to just outright give you their patterns and techniques. Also, if you want to make something, break the costume down as much as possible into little pieces. It's a lot easier to figure it out when you break it down into parts. Also, a must is hair and makeup! A costume isn't  truly complete when you don't have a wig or at least some light makeup on. You can use your real hair but a wig tends to look better.

You can see much more of her work on Facebook and deviantart

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Brave 10 anime review

Brave 10 anime review -

Brave 10 anime review

Plot - (4.5/10)

The anime, which is set in the Sengoku period of Japan, begins with Saizo Kirigakure, an Iga ninja, saving Isanami, a priestess from the Izumo shrine who is being attacked by Tokugawa Ieyasu's forces. After Saizo defeats her assassins, they head to Ueda as Isanami wants to seek the help of Lord Sanada Yukimura. Her town Izumo was burnt down and destroyed by Tokugawa Ieyasu. Yukimura refuses to offer help at first but agrees to later. Isanami seems to exhibit some weird sort of power that can consume her surroundings. She wears a hair pin, the Kushimitama that keeps this power of destruction contained. Yukimura decides that he needs one brave warrior for each finger on his two hands. He manages to gather ten warriors namely :-

Brave 10 anime review

1. Saizo Kirigakure - The Light.
2. Isanami - The Darkness.
3. Sasuke Sarutobi - of the grass, whose playground is the forest.
4. Anastasia - of Ice.
5. Kakei Juzo - of metal who fights with a metal gun.
6. Rokuro Unno - of water who recalls everything just as the water surface reflects all.
7. Kamanosuke Yuri - of the wind, who controls the wind.
8. Benmaru - of fire who knows about explosives.
9. Miyoshi Seikai - of the earth who causes the ground to shake.
10. Jinpachi Nezu - of thunder who summons lightening.

The plot is very shallow with negligible development. Most of the 10 warriors are introduced in the last few episodes, with the last warrior being introduced in the 8th episode(the anime being only 12 episodes long).

Characters - (6/10)

Despite being the female protagonist Isanami is hardly likeable. She has a very annoying personality and the only thing she seems to be capable of is getting herself kidnapped and thus resulting in everyone getting terribly hurt in order to save her. Saizo who is the male protagonist is rather emotionless(though he does seem to burst up with emotions in the last episode thereby suggesting some character development). He does not wish to serve a master yet he eventually does. The rest of the characters have the potential to be interesting but the anime is too short for character development. The antagonists aren't even worth mentioning. Also it's rather surprising that the producers did not bother to show us a little bit about Saizo's past.

Animation - (8.5/10)

The animation of Brave 10 is excellent. Probably the only compliment that could be made on this anime. We get to see around two battle scenes in every episode which are displayed fantastically.

Brave 10 anime review

Music - (4/10)

The soundtrack is disappointing. It has nothing to do with that era. The opening theme has some weird rock element to it while the ending theme is basically over use of auto tune so much that it hurts your ears.

Overall - (5/10)

Brave 10 is the sort of anime that has a promising start but then leads to nowhere amid the confusion and the need to end within 12 episodes. If you do have a lot of time in your hands and are willing to watch something with absolutely no story and characters swaying around in elaborate clothing then I suggest you watch it. Otherwise chuck it.

Brave 10 anime review


Get Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Idea-Interview with cosplayer Akane

Interview with cosplayer Akane -

Kingdom Hearts Sora Cosplay Costume

Akane is a cosplayer from Germany. She is a member of Animexx. She has cosplayed characters such as Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. Akane has been well known for her Sora cosplays which are outstanding and breathtaking. Let's get to know more about her!

Biography :-

Name - Christine, but all of my friends and even my sister call me Akane
Location - Munich / Germany
DOB - May 4th 1983
Fav Anime - Oh, I'm nostalgic so I'm say Ranma 1/2.

1. Could you please introduce yourself to the readers?

Akane :-
Hi, my name is Akane :)
I hope everyone of you is well and happy <3

2. How did you get into cosplaying and for how long have you been cosplaying?

Akane :-
In 1999 I met a huge anime fan group in a manga store in munich during a shopping trip. I already knew what cosplay was, but I was never done it before. They told me that they meet up once a month and it sounded like so much fun, that I wanted to do it as well ^^ And as you can see, I did. And the group I was meeting back then turned out to be the Anime Musical group Tsuki no Senshi (I'm a member there since 2000) and the german biggest anime society "Animexx"

Kingdom Hearts Sora Cosplay Costume

3. Why did you choose to cosplay Sora?

Akane :-
It all began, that TnS planned to do a little Kingdom Hearts musical. At first I should played Kairi, but our Sora stepped out of TnS. Obviously we needed a new Sora and no one wanted to do him because of the huge shoes and the hair XD Because Sora is more needed for Kh than kairi, they told me I had to play him XD I was never played KH before but I knew it was a leading role, so I bought the game and totally fell in love with him <3 It was the best thing that could be happen to me ^__^ And now I can't stop doing more pictures and outfits. He really got my heart

4. Did you face any difficulties in cosplaying Sora?

Akane :-
At first, yes. A friend of mine knowing as Fujimiyaran (DA) made my wigs, because I was such a wig noob. And I had big troubles with the shoes, the keychain and the shoulder armor. But after a few cosplays I knew how it works best for me and I finally learned how to style wigs ^^v

Kingdom Hearts Sora Cosplay Costume

5. Can you give the readers some tips on cosplaying Sora?

Akane :-
Hm, it's hard for me to describe things in english and without knowing what kind of problems people have with the outfits. So I'm l give tips for things people most often ask me for: Use 3 fabric parts for the shoe covers, not 2. For the shoulder armor I uses pipes and before you start styling your wig, sew another wig into it to make it thicker. This way, you can prevent "holes" in the hairstyle. I use a tail comb, a blending scissors and normal hairspray for it And the most important tip is : Have fun <3 <3 <3

6. How do you decide what character to cosplay?

Akane :-
There are 2 options: I totally love the character *_* Or one of my friends or Franka asks me to cosplay it with her/him. I don't do cosplays because the anime/game is popular. Cosplay should be fun and not a popularity contest

Kingdom Hearts Sora Cosplay Costume

7. What has been your most exciting/memorable cosplay experience to date?

Akane :-
Hm... that's very difficult... I was got so many great memories <3 I think one is the reaction of the people and my friends when I first cosplayed Sora and the second when Franka cospalyed for the first time with me ^__^~

8. Why do you cosplay? Everyone has a reason, what is yours?

Akane :-
Because it's so much fun and I can be a character for a short time. Sometimes you can forget the reality a bit and be a part of the Anime/Game you like so much. Especially when you  are part of an musical group like TnS. One of my most favourits moments ever was being sora on stage. I really miss it and I don't  keep it as a special memory in my heart

Kingdom Hearts Sora Cosplay Costume

Want to keep tabs on Akane?
Follow her on tumblr, Livejournal, Formspring and deviantart

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