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Cosplay Review-Get Green Arrow Cosplay idea From The_Wolverine

     It is a hard to find a great Green Arrow cosplay costume, even more so because of how many times the character has been re-invented. Most recently is the newer darker version that the hit TV series “Arrow” has taken upon the character. Here this hunky chap on has created a great Green arrow costume that makes you forget that it’s a man wearing tights.The costume keeps the character looking like a badass superhero with-out making him resemble a Robin Hood. Nether less the leather hooded gillet underlying the skin tight pants creates a comic feel but a more serious persona. Couldn’t you see this guy facing off against the brick? I sure can! As everything about the costume adds the brute persona the Green Arrow has. Normally wearing a mask without eye makeup could distract from any outfit and make it look cheap or out of place. Not here! The more open views for the eyes add more of a human feel to it. Add the person in the suite who has the look of a gritty Green Archer and a full body to match; I think it’s one of the best circling the net. Wouldn’t you agree? With the darker shades of Green on top with the lighter shades below, you can’t help but resemble the costume a mix of both.This is the outcome of the two put together and i must say it looks quite magnificent, with keeping with the old and bringing in the new. If you’re a Green Arrow fan or a follower of the TV series I am sure you will have admiration for the  portrayal this guy has put together. They also have many cosplay pictures where they show off their different varieties of costumes.

All Pictures are from The_Wolverine:

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