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Cosplay Review-Get The Legend of Korra Amon Cosplay idea

Here we have the newest addition to the growing avatar cosplays and we welcome the anti-bending “Amon”! The user known as “thegadgetfish”, has put together a well round up cosplay costume that finally shows an Amon that looks as mysterious and raw as he does in the anime. What is more so amazing is that the mask has been created by the cosplayer himself. It is very hard to find a good Amon mask, as the others that float around the net look cheap and amateur and pretty much, not Amon like. This cosplayer strikes the pose which brings out what Amon is really all about. The padded armour which showcases a very oriental theme and the hooded suite to match everything together really makes the character stand out and not look out of place of shifty.  Also the colours on the costume are fabulous. The dark colours make it a very close rendition but keep the entire costume grounded with the shiny shoulder pads and arm pads. With all the previous renditions you wouldn’t be afraid to run into an Amon, but you wouldn’t want run into this Amon in real life, as the moves look smooth and not forced with a hint of genius behind him with the water fountain. He showcases his other photos which put him head to head with other favourite Avatar characters.  With all that said it’s quite a costume that I could see be popular among that fans. Especially that it looks comfortable to be in (unless it’s a hot day) and would actually make you feel like the character itself. Not just from the inside but the outside as every intricate detail, from the padded areas to the darker areas with different materials. The mask itself brings the entire attire together, and I’m sure if there was an anti-air bender to come into force into our world, he’d be looking for “thegadgetfish” for his costume closet. For more great cosplay from this user, please visit his Deviant Art webpage “” . 

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