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Cosplay Review-Get RWBY Cosplay idea From Sorayomi

Now look what we have here! Our eyes have the pleasure to see Blake in RWBY revived in spectacular fashion in this cosplay costume from the user “Sorayomi”. Together with her Gambol Shroud katana, this costume is a near exact copy from the actual anime (let alone the lady in the costume) of the subtle Blake. What really makes this cosplay costume so great is the simplistic details added to both costume and prop. It is very natural and little editing (if not none) went into this actual photograph which is a really hard feat since re-creating anime characters requires a little bit of Photoshop magic. Never less this flawless portrayal is eye candy for any RWBY fan. The detail in the Katana to the swirling of the ribbon in the wind, it is a cleverly put together to re-create a fantastic feel of the character. To create that anime look, special makeup has been applied to create the anime eyes, and contacts to add more of an effect to it. The pale face and slim build really brings together the entire costume, also with the blade itself with the extruding gun. Great prop design went into this as in the other photos that the user “Sorayomi” has posted up really shows off the different uses of the katana. Her face expression makes everything look natural and not too contrived or posed. It is one of the best cosplay I’ve personally seen, and that is because of the entire look actually looks like the anime Blake jumped out of the anime world into ours. It is such a close rendition of the character and “Sorayomi” really fits the character and embraces it perfectly. If you would like to see more amazing cosplay by this user please visit her deviant art page:

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