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Cosplay Review-Get Alice Madness Returns Cosplay idea

And here she is! Alice is refreshingly revived from the game Alice: Madness returns, in fantastic fashion by the user called ‘Kill the light’ on deviant art.  Not only do they bring out the vibrant reds, but the background with the blue Morpho’s surrounding her give the abstract feel of the character. She looks creepily attractive with her school girl look and bloodied hands but her subtle expression on her face would make her a person to die for. The whole entire cosplay costume is beautifully updated from our known current style to encompass the psychologically troubled Alice we have come to love. The long white hair stays perfectly white with all the blood spilled off her hands without a trace of it on her outfit. Together with the laced sequins from her waist, the old fashioned maid boudoir attire shouts out French influenced costume. The amount of detail in the cosplay outfit is amazing. From the small details of the small skull belt to the subtle use of the necklace and make up paled skin. Holding the blade almost exactly like the cover art for the PlayStation 3 release, the user ‘kill the light’ strikes poses that shows off not only the outfit but the makeup on her face and colour in her eyes. With the other photos it almost has a vampire look but keeps you familiar with Alice. One thing is for sure, if you did meet a girl like this coming after you then you wouldn’t know if to run or hide! Even after seeing a bloodied knife. It’s a beautifully, artistically and detailed cosplay outfit that although simple is also incredibly complex in design. To see more of ‘Kill the light’s’ amazing cosplay photos then please visit her deviant art page by Dantelian.

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