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Brave 10 anime review

Brave 10 anime review -

Brave 10 anime review

Plot - (4.5/10)

The anime, which is set in the Sengoku period of Japan, begins with Saizo Kirigakure, an Iga ninja, saving Isanami, a priestess from the Izumo shrine who is being attacked by Tokugawa Ieyasu's forces. After Saizo defeats her assassins, they head to Ueda as Isanami wants to seek the help of Lord Sanada Yukimura. Her town Izumo was burnt down and destroyed by Tokugawa Ieyasu. Yukimura refuses to offer help at first but agrees to later. Isanami seems to exhibit some weird sort of power that can consume her surroundings. She wears a hair pin, the Kushimitama that keeps this power of destruction contained. Yukimura decides that he needs one brave warrior for each finger on his two hands. He manages to gather ten warriors namely :-

Brave 10 anime review

1. Saizo Kirigakure - The Light.
2. Isanami - The Darkness.
3. Sasuke Sarutobi - of the grass, whose playground is the forest.
4. Anastasia - of Ice.
5. Kakei Juzo - of metal who fights with a metal gun.
6. Rokuro Unno - of water who recalls everything just as the water surface reflects all.
7. Kamanosuke Yuri - of the wind, who controls the wind.
8. Benmaru - of fire who knows about explosives.
9. Miyoshi Seikai - of the earth who causes the ground to shake.
10. Jinpachi Nezu - of thunder who summons lightening.

The plot is very shallow with negligible development. Most of the 10 warriors are introduced in the last few episodes, with the last warrior being introduced in the 8th episode(the anime being only 12 episodes long).

Characters - (6/10)

Despite being the female protagonist Isanami is hardly likeable. She has a very annoying personality and the only thing she seems to be capable of is getting herself kidnapped and thus resulting in everyone getting terribly hurt in order to save her. Saizo who is the male protagonist is rather emotionless(though he does seem to burst up with emotions in the last episode thereby suggesting some character development). He does not wish to serve a master yet he eventually does. The rest of the characters have the potential to be interesting but the anime is too short for character development. The antagonists aren't even worth mentioning. Also it's rather surprising that the producers did not bother to show us a little bit about Saizo's past.

Animation - (8.5/10)

The animation of Brave 10 is excellent. Probably the only compliment that could be made on this anime. We get to see around two battle scenes in every episode which are displayed fantastically.

Brave 10 anime review

Music - (4/10)

The soundtrack is disappointing. It has nothing to do with that era. The opening theme has some weird rock element to it while the ending theme is basically over use of auto tune so much that it hurts your ears.

Overall - (5/10)

Brave 10 is the sort of anime that has a promising start but then leads to nowhere amid the confusion and the need to end within 12 episodes. If you do have a lot of time in your hands and are willing to watch something with absolutely no story and characters swaying around in elaborate clothing then I suggest you watch it. Otherwise chuck it.

Brave 10 anime review


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