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Get Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Cosplay Idea-Interview with cosplayer HezaChan

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Cosplay Costumes-Procosplay.com

HezaChan has been known for her outstandingly innovative and charismatic costumes in the otaku world. Ranging from the innocent looking yet bratty, Chibiusa of Sailor Moon, to the incredibly sexy I-No of Guilty Gear XX, HezaChan can carry it all off! She has also won various awards as a talented cosplayer. Her most recent work was a stewardess variation of Stocking's costume, a character from the anime series Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt; which she wore at Anime Boston 2012. Let's get to know more about her!

Biography :

Name :- HezaChan
Age :- 26
Place :- Boston, USA
Height :- 5"6
Fav anime :- Saber Marionette (all series), Sailor Moon Super S, Nurse Witch Komugi-Chan Majikarte, Perfect Blue, DiGi Charat, and Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.

1. When did you realize your love for cosplaying and what inspired you to start cosplaying?

HezaChan :-
After my first anime convention and dressing up there I was hooked. I love cosplay not only becasue I get to be someone else and create costumes, but because its an easy way to make friends who are into the same things as you are. Cosplay opens up conversation! I really didn't know what cosplay was, I just sort of figured if people dressed up at Scifi conventions that they must do it at anime conventions too. So I just sort of went with it. I was however inspired by other cosplayers work when I started making more costumes for myself. Yaya Han and Alisa-chan were huge inspiration to me when I was starting out back in 2001.

2. Why did you choose to cosplay Stocking?

HezaChan :-
She is my favorite character in the series besides Kneesocks. Not only do I like her personality, but I like her character design as well. All of her outfits are just too cute!

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Cosplay Costumes-Procosplay.com

3. Tell us about your experience with cosplaying. What was your first cosplay?

HezaChan :-
I got into anime and manga when I was in middle school. Back then, there was only other person that I knew back then that was into it too. We ended up becoming best friends, and once we reached high school we both ended up finding out about a local anime convention. We both made Cosplay costumes of our favorite characters for the con not knowing that it was called cosplay or that other people would be doing it too. My first cosplay was Lime from Saber Marionette J. I love her character dearly and wanted to protray her at the convention.

4. How do you face your difficulties regarding cosplaying?

HezaChan :-
All costumes have parts which can be difficult to make or to figure out. When that happens I tend to take a break from it and think about the problem. Eventually I come up with a solution. But I have been known to throw a temper tantrum at certain parts of costumes that I've made. Haha~

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Cosplay Costumes-Procosplay.com

5. How much time was involved in making the costume? Are you satisfied with the outcome of your efforts?

HezaChan :-
It depends on how much free time I have. If I had 2 weeks of time where I wasn't working at all, I could totally finish a costume in that amount of time. I tend want instant gratification, so I try to work quickly to achieve the goal of having the costume done as soon as possible. However, most of the time I'm working at my job, so I just use any time off that I can to make a costume. This can make me take a month or two to finish a costume.

6. What are you planning to cosplay in the future?

HezaChan :-
I have many costumes I want to make, but I feel as if I don't always have the time. But if I do I would love to cosplay Iron Mouse from Sailor Moon Stars, Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon SuperS, Chu from Animal Magnetism, and Miku Hatsune (Sonic Costume).

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Cosplay Costumes-Procosplay.com

7. Any piece of advice for the cosplay virgins out there?

HezaChan :-
Don't overwhelm yourself on your first project. Start with something simple. Remember, there are plenty of tutorials online to help you with your costume making -- and have FUN!!

Want to keep tabs on HezaChan?
Here's her website : HezaChan

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