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Super Dangan Ronpa Cosplay Idea-Interview with HAPPYHAHA

Interview with HAPPYHAHA

Super Dangan Ronpa

HAPPYHAHA is a cosplayer from Australia. She started cosplaying back in 2011 and never stopped!

1. So, tell us something about yourself. And say Hi to your fans :)

Hi there! I am HAPPYHAHA, a cosplayer from Australia!

2. How did you know about and get into Cosplaying?

Back in 2011, I met my first otaku friend; I used to be a closeted otaku before that since I live in such a small town, I didn t think many people would be into what I m into. One day we went into our local DVD store and saw a MADMAN (Australian Distributer of Anime/Manga) brochure which was advertising an Anime Convention in my state called Anime Island Convention (AiCon). I did not know about cosplay before then so we both began preparing for the event. There were quite a few cosplayers there, a few who actually made their whole costume. Ever since then I was inspired and started researching and saving up money so I could start making my own as well!!

3. Can you share your first cosplay experience and what character did you portray? How long have you been cosplaying?

My first cosplay experience was at AiCon, where I cosplayed as Kikyo from Inuyasha along with my friend who cosplayed as Kagome. It was our first convention. I bought the costume and made my first prop- bow and arrow, and a quiver. I enjoyed it so much, I had to continue!

4. How long have you been cosplaying?

I have been cosplaying since 2011 and began making my own costumes in 2012 when I saved up enough for a sewing machine!

5. What makes you want to cosplay?

There are a few reasons; how awesome is the series/game I m cosplaying from, how cool is the character, how fabulous is the costume design, and how challenging is the costume/prop and meeting precious people who share the same interest as me!

6. Which character is your favorite one that you have cosplayed so far?

Super Dangan Ronpa

It would have to be Black Gold Saw (Black Rock Shooter) and Leafa (Sword Art Online/Alfheim Online)

7. Have you had the experience of a cosplay gone bad, or encoutered some problems while cosplaying? What are those?

Oh yes definitely! I m still at the experimental and rookie stage when it comes to sewing and making props so many times I ve had bits and bobs of the costume fall off during conventions. Other common problems include costume being inconveniently immobile (every time), sewing things the wrong way, sizing is off, not being able to find the right wig and finding the right material just to name a few!!! I think the worse problem was the day before a convention, I had a photoshoot where I wore new heels and I did not bring a spare pair of comfy shoes so I was in heels all day walking around and my feet were full of blisters. The next day I could not stand wearing my costume s shoes so I just ditched it the first few minutes of the con.

8. Which aspect of cosplay do you prefer: making garments, creating accessories, crafting props, makeup/prosthetics, etc?

I enjoy the making part of the costume; so the sewing, prop making and accessories.

9. For your Dangan Ronpa cosplay, what preparations have you done?

I was actually going to buy the costume however, I am very paranoid when it comes to buying costume as sizing is always off! So I decided to make the whole costume (except for the skirt, badges and hair accessories for mastermind junko). It was great fun and more work than I first expected as I made the hairpieces for fake? Junko (first plushie too), both ties and the crown. I enjoyed making the crown a lot! After the costume was completed and the wig arrived, I did two photo shoot as the first one didn t go too well as we left it too late that we lost light (had no flash at the time). The second session included us going to a construction site for the first time to take photos; it was scarily exciting and felt rebellious!

10. Are there similarities between you and the characters you've cosplayed?

Super Dangan Ronpa

When I cosplay males, a lot of the ones I do are more feminine, young and uke? due to my face structure and makeup. In terms of females, I try to avoid the more revealing boobilicious characters because I lack in that area.

11. What future cosplays are you planning?

Too many!

12. What's your dream cosplay?

Trinity Blood Characters, Adekan, Sesshomaru and CLAMP series

13. Would you consider yourself as an Amateur or a Pro-cosplayer?

I d say in the middle!

14. Aside from cosplaying, what other things keep you busy in life?

Super Dangan Ronpa

Study, study, study, food, sleep and study : D

15. And aside from cosplay events/cons, do you dress up at home or out in the public?

I only cosplay when I do a shoot or am attending an event that encourages dressing up! Sometimes I wear parts of costumes casually such as the odd jackets and pants

16. Do you see yourself still cosplaying 5-10 years from now?

I hope so! I enjoy this hobby a lot and hopefully I ll have more money and experience then to do more epic cosplays.

17. What advice can you share to your fellow cosplayers and cosplay virgins?

Super Dangan Ronpa

Don t be afraid to pop that cherry. Once you start, you wont stop!! Don t be discouraged by haters and pro-cosplayers; with practice you will get to that pro-stage one day and make sure you do some research prior to making costume/props (lots of tutorials out there) and don t be afraid to ask other cosplayers for help. AND DON T FORGET, IT S MEANT TO BE A FUN (yet expensive) HOBBY!


That's it folks! Be sure you've read everything above and make your own cosplay experience!

For those who want follow HappyHAHA, you can visit her DA/FB account through this link:



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