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How to prepare your 80's theme party with your cosplay costumes

How to prerare a 80's theme party with your cosplay costume,especially when you do not have abundant money,here I will give you 10 tips to help you get your dreaming cosplay costumes with an affordable price.the advices below will sure to help you a lot.

1. Star Wars was big in the 1980's and no 80's theme party would be perfect without a plush toy of Darth Vader, Chewbacca, or Yoda.

2. 80's Movies and 80's Music posters bring back all the tender memories we had when seeing the latest blockbuster. These would be a grand addition to any wall during your 80's theme party.

3. An 80's theme kid's party wouldn't be complete with out party favors! Especially Ninja Turtle decorations, or even Care Bears and Transformers!

4. 80's costume accessories are a must have as well. Especially fingerless laced gloves! You too can be pretty in pink like a Material Girl!

5. Yo yo - Extra, extra Kudos brownie Points if you can really find a "The Real Thing", cola company trademarked yo yo! No, seriously!!

6. It is a great day for a White Wedding, will punk rocker studded leather supplements. Billy Idol would be jealous.

7. The wild hair! No measure of aqua net could tame the craziest 80's themed rocker hair wig. Available in all colors, including pink and purple.

8. 80's novelty jewelry. Big hope earrings anyone? If you're having an 80's theme party, this is a must.

9. 80's Accessories. Hey look at that yuppie wearing his skinny tie and pressed slacks. If that's not your style, especially if you're a girl, leg warmers and fluro socks is the way to go.

10. The genuine Rubik's Cube on a key chain. This, my friends, will entertain your friends for hours, and be a great 80s prop or game prize at your 80s party.

if you do not how to prepare your cosplay costume party,and do not know where to get your cosplay costumes and wigs,then the internet will be a good place for you to get what you want,you have so many choices to get your cosplay costumes with low price.


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