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Green Arrow Cosplay Idea-Interview with Test Subject B

Interview with Test Subject B

Green Arrow

1. So, tell us something about yourself. And say Hi to your fans :)

Hey everyone I'm Brian Milne also known as Test Subject B and I operate out of Vancouver, B.C.

2. How did you know about and get into Cosplaying?

I grew up loving Halloween and playing dress up, spending months of my childhood planning what my next costume was going to be. I would make full cardboard armor suits when I was in elementary school. I was just always so enthralled by costume and prop making and I realized that's what I wanted to get into.

3. Can you share your first cosplay experience and what character did you portray? How long have you been cosplaying?

My first cosplay was Guile from Street Fighter II. I was 14 years old, 5'4" and 160 pounds of pure twig, but my god I got that anime flat top hairstyle down even if it took a whole bottle of hair spray to do it. I was so proud of my costume, I strutted around Anime Evolution '04 like I was a champ.... but then everyone mistook me for Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing. Other than that I don't remember much of my first experience, I just remember inhaling a LOT of hairspray.

4. How long have you been cosplaying?

Its almost 10 years now.

5. What makes you want to cosplay?

It's a combination of just my love for crafting and seeing children's faces when they see their favorite hero in person.

6. Which character is your favorite one that you've cosplayed so far?

Green Arrow

Green Arrow for sure. there isn't a single day where I don't miss having that beard.

7. Have you had the experience of a cosplay gone bad, or encoutered some problems while cosplaying? What are those?

the typical wardrobe malfunction is the most annoying just because those can happen when you least expect it.

8. Which aspect of cosplay do you prefer: making garments, creating accessories, crafting props, makeup/prosthetics, etc?

I actually love them all, the whole experience of creating each little piece and seeing the final product in the end is what does it for me.

9. For your Green Arrow cosplay, what preparations have you done?

Green Arrow

The only difference compared to other costumes was that I actually grew out that beard for 3 months and took archery lessons. My usual preparation for a character is rereading the issues that they appear in to get as much reference as possible for their costumes, to get their poses down, get into the character's mindset, etc. I'm basically a method cosplayer ha ha

10. Do you observe some similarities in all the characters you've cosplayed? What similarities would it be if yes?

Spandex is used for a lot of my costumes, it's just fun to work with and I love me some superhero costumes, especially the lesser known ones

11. What future cosplays are you planning?

I'm trying to get back into armor and prop making so I'm currently planning out Redeemer from Spawn and Nova.

12. What's your dream cosplay?

Bio Booster Armor Guyver. That was actually one of the costumes I built out of cardboard as a child, I just want to make one that can do my love for that series justice.

13. Would you consider yourself as an Amateur or a Pro-cosplayer?

I would still consider myself an amateur for sure, there's still so much more out there for me to learn.

14. Aside from cosplaying, what other things keep you busy in life?

Green Arrow

I try to help out the Vancouver nerd community in any way I can, be it hosting different local events, even partake in Burlesque shows on occasion under the name "Nathan FillYouIn". It's just great to get out there and meet all the different people in the community.

15. And aside from cosplay events/cons, do you dress up at home or out in the public?

Depends really, when I'm out at a nerd event I usually wear some sort of costume. but just normal days I'll just be in normal clothes, but they always tend to be nerdy in some way.

16. Do you see yourself still cosplaying 5-10 years from now?

I see myself cosplaying as long as I can. There are a lot of silver haired characters out there.

17. What advice can you share to your fellow cosplayers and cosplay virgins?

Green Arrow

If it's your first time making a costume, start off simple. Get the hang of it. When you think you're ready to start challenging yourself, do so. Ignore the haters, don't let anyone tell you you can't do a certain costume. Most of all, have fun with it, don't take it too seriously. Just get out there and enjoy yourself.

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Test Subject B Cosplay

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