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Get Final Fantasy Cosplay Idea-Interview with cosplayer A.K. Wirru

Interview with cosplayer A.K. Wirru -

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AmenoKitarou a.k.a. A.K. Wirru is a cosplayer, music writer, martial artist and high school teacher from Sydney, Australia. He has cosplayed a wide range of characters ranging from Ikari Shinji from Evangelion to Siegfried Schtauffen from Soul Calibur IV. He has also cosplayed many characters such as Cloud Strife and Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy VII, X and XIII. His brilliant cosplay of Siegfried Schtauffen from Soul Calibur IV won him the award of the Australian Madman National Cosplay Champion of 2010. Let's get to know more about him!

Biography :

Name - AmenoKitarou (Will)
Place - Australia
DOB - 26/11
Fav anime - Evangelion

1. Could you introduce yourself to the readers first?

A.K. Wirru :-
Hi everyone! I am A.K. Will. I am a male cosplayer from down under in Australia! I love music, composing, martial arts, fitness and teaching when I am not busily making costumes!

2. What got you into cosplaying and for how long have you been cosplaying?

A.K. Wirru :-
I've always loved creative arts, so when I tried to make my first costume in 2008 and got an awesome amount of encouragement and support for it, I fell in love with making costumes.
I have been cosplaying for about 6 years now (?) haha.

Crisis Core Cloud Strife Cosplay Final Fantasy VII Costumes

3. Did you face any difficulties in cosplaying Cloud Strife?

A.K. Wirru :-
I had quite a hard time figuring out how to make all 7 of his swords assemble without making it incredibly heavy!!

4. Could you give the readers some tips on cosplaying Cloud Strife?

A.K. Wirru :-
Take great care with the wig (I don't even think mine was that great haha!). Wear those awesome sunglasses or else take time with make up! Cloud has that impossibly perfect face...

Crisis Core Cloud Strife Cosplay Final Fantasy VII Costumes

5. What has been your most exciting/memorable cosplay experience to date?

A.K. Wirru :-
I have two most memorable experiences.
First was winning the Madman National Cosplay Championships with my dream costume (Siegfried Schtauffen, Soul Calibur 4) and doing that performance with my own composed music and Japanese voice acting.
Second was being selected as Team Australia 2012 to representing my country in the World Cosplay Summit championships in Japan with my best friend Tsubaki, doing costumes and props from my favorite series of all time (Evangelion).

6. Where do you often go for your photoshoots? How do you choose the background for a photoshoot?

A.K. Wirru :-
The location varies for every character, though sometimes I re-use locations in different ways. I choose locations according to the atmosphere of the character, series, and specific scene that I want to recreate.

7. What is your dream cosplay?

A.K. Wirru :-
Siegfried Schtauffen (Soul Calibur 4), it is a fulfilled dream! I should look for a new one haha!

8. Which character do you love cosplaying the most?

A.K. Wirru :-
I tend to like male JRPG characters who have a nice mix of good looks, costume difficulty, and weapons (oh I love a kickass weapon)!!!

9. Any piece of advise for the cosplay virgins out there?

A.K. Wirru :-
Do what you love and love what you do! It is a hobby :) :) :)

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