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Get Alice: Madness Returns Cosplay Idea-Interview with cosplayer Moonblader

Interview with cosplayer Moonblader -

Alice: Madness Returns Cosplay

Moonblader is a dexterous cosplayer from Australia. She has crossplayed various characters such as Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass to Kai from Beyblade. Her cosplay work of Alice Liddell, from Alice: Madness Returns, has caught the eye of many. Moonblader was kind enough to share with us some info about her. Read on to find out more.

Biography :

Name - moonblader
Place - Sydney, Australia
DOB - 8th February
Fav anime - Code Geass, Sengoku Basara, Cowboy Bebop, Mononoke, Yami no Matsuei, Ouran High School Host Club

1. How about you introduce yourself first?

Moonblader :-
My name is Christie, known as moonblader online. I'm a student of graphic design and now 3D Animation. I've been into RPG games, anime/manga since since junior high and is still addicted! Though on the side I love my dosages of broadway musicals and tv shows like Merlin, Game of Thrones and Sherlock etc. to keep me sane in life.

2. What got you into cosplaying and for how long have you been cosplaying?

Moonblader :-
When I went to a convention for the second time in my life, I saw a few people cosplay from Kingdom Hearts, the Clamp series X-99 and Cardcaptor Sakura. (This was like... 2004/2005 so bear with me.) And they looked like they were having so much fun while looking absolutely wonderful, I was driven to give "dressing up" a go.

I started cosplaying near the end of 2007 but I actually began sewing my own costumes in 2008. So I should say I've been a cosplayer for around 4 to 5 years.

3. Why did you choose to cosplay Alice Liddell from Alice: Madness Returns?

Moonblader :-
One, this game needs more love as it really is one of the best games in 2011. Everything in it is so original, beautiful and yet so twisted. And two, Alice is such a suave and powerful character with a fabulous wardrobe! Who wouldn't want to cosplay Alice?

4. Could you give the readers some tips on cosplaying Alice?

Moonblader :-
Make up and hair is important to give her the right attitude (Not too emo, not too plain!) and strength like Alice has in the game. Try to find as much reference (like concept art or screenshots) to make your outfit as accurate as you can make it. Have fun and as tempting as it is ... try not to slice/bash anyone up! ;)

Alice: Madness Returns Cosplay

5. How often do you cosplay? Is it something you do for conventions and events only?

Moonblader :-
I cosplay at least once a month or two. Sewing and making props helps me focus yet relax when I need some time away from my studies and work. ^^ I used to consider conventions the only time and place to cosplay, but now I'm learning to photoshoot more so I have more freedom with organising and making my outfits/props.

6. Do you have any favourite cosplayers that you admire and get inspired by?

Moonblader :-
I have alot of inspirations who push me forward to become a better cosplayer and person. Jun is a master in make-up and prop making. Stay has long been one of my idols even before I began cosplaying. And Saya who had always taught me to cosplay from the heart and never forget to have fun as that's how it started for everyone.

7. What according to you are the pros and cons of cosplaying?

Moonblader :-
The Pros of cosplaying are having fun dressing up as your favourite characters from your beloved games/manga/anime, making new friends, and learning so many different things like sewing techniques and extreme props making. The cons are mostly the tedious funds, time consumption and the continuously growing list of costumes you want to make once you start.

Alice: Madness Returns Cosplay

8. How do you view yourself as a cosplayer?

Moonblader :-
I would like to consider myself a hard-worker and one who always tries to do their best. I know I am not the best cosplayer of this generation nor the prettiest girl of the block, but I can say for certain I am very happy with how far I've come so far as an artist and creator. I try to make costumes that mean alot of me and from stories (games, anime, manga) that I treasure in my past and present. Hopefully I can look back in the future with a silly grin and say, "... How the heck did I make that?! That. Is. Awesome."

9. In what way has cosplay changed your life?

Moonblader :-
Eventhough I consider cosplay as a hobby, it has added another dimension to my life. It gives me a chance to once in a while become someone else while being with friends I love and admire. And on the side, I'm always consistently learning something new and challenging myself to new levels of costumery and props making. It has challenged not only me, but my family too. I am grateful to them for adapting to this hobby as I know not everyone has the family support like I do. It forever was and will be a creative outlet in my life.

You can see much more of her work on deviantart, Cure and worldcosplay

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