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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Steve Rogers Cosplay Idea-Interview With Justin Morgan

Interview with Justin Morgan,a really cool man !!!

So , introduce yourself shortly and say hi to everybody :D

   Hello ProCosplay! And All The Cosplay people of the world. I'm Justin Morgan. I'm a comedian and a writer.

1. How did you know about and get into Cosplaying?
    I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia originally. And every year at our local science fiction/fantasy convention called Dragon*Con, I would see hundreds and hundreds of people dressing up. They dressed up as comic book characters, anime characters, pop culture characters, everything. I just kind of really appreciated it.

2. What makes you want to cosplay?

    It's like letting your inner child out to play and telling him any day can be Halloween. There is great humor and joy in doing this.

3. Can you share your first cosplay experience and what character did you portray? How long have you been cosplaying?
    The first time I cosplayed was the summer that the first Pirates Of The Caribbean movie came out. I went to the previously mentioned Dragon*Con and I did Captain Jack Sparrow. It wasn't great, but it was fun. I was acting at the time so I got into it enough that I did the voice and had a great amount of fun. I think there's a picture of it somewhere still.

4.Can you tell us your favorite characters about the Anime ?
    I can't pin down one, but, I adore Cowboy Bebop, Akira and anything from the films of Hayao Miyazaki (if that counts.)

5.I know that you like Captain America ,Why ?
   To be honest, my favorite superhero was always Daredevil. He was blind, his superpower wasn't his fault. But he did some dark things. Then after seeing what the new Marvel Films did with Cap, I quickly learned to adore such a genuine good guy. He made me want to be a better person.

6. Have you had the experience of a cosplay gone bad, or encoutered some    problems while cosplaying? What are those?
    Sometimes my biggest problems involve sizing. I am not as skinny as I once was, so even customized pieces fit a little large. That being said part of the joy is doing what you can to make it work. To make it exactly what you want.

7. Which aspect of cosplay do you prefer: making garments, creating accessories, crafting props, makeup/prosthetics, etc?
    Creating accessories or crafting props is incredibly fun. It's like making toys.

8. For your Captain Amercian cosplay, what preparations have you done?
    I purchased the customized outfit from a gentleman named Tony Chan. I purchased the iconic Captain America shield and found the appropriate boots. I also happened to talk my fiancee into dressing as Black Widow.

9. What future cosplays are you planning?
    As a huge Doctor Who fan, I think the brand new Twelfth Doctor is in my future. I recently saw his premiere episode and think he's just fantastic. I also believe my fiancee and I will doing characters from the american children's TV show Pee Wee's Playhouse very soon.

10. What's your dream cosplay?
      I'd love to get a Daredevil suit. He's still my favorite superhero. But cowls are just so hard because they have to form fit to your face. I'm also not sure spandex would work on me unless I started working out more. If I could find a way to do a more tactical Daredevil suit, and I could get the cowl right, I absolutely would ... That or Mrs. Doubtfire when I am older.

11. Would you consider yourself as an Amateur or a Pro-cosplayer?
      To this day I consider myself an amateur. I have met so many professionals, and they are so dedicated and so incredibly good at what they do. It's not merely a hobby to a professional, it's an unbridled passion. And those who have found a way to make money doing it, found a way to make money playing dress up ... well, that is something to be admired.

12. Aside from cosplaying, what other things keep you busy in life?
I am a comedian and a writer. I do stand-up comedy, sketch comedy and am actively writing my first graphic novel. I also work actively in television production.

13. What advice can you share to your fellow cosplayers and cosplay virgins?
      Don't be afraid to make it your own. To add flair to it to distinguish yourself from others with similar ideas. Nothing is too strange. If you wanna do Disco Totoro, then do it. Have fun. It could be the simplest of ideas. For instance, my Stealth Captain America doesn't wear his helmet, as a reference to the now famous elevator scene from "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

14.What's your favorite cons from now on ?
     Dragon*Con will always feel like home to be. But I now live in New York City, So I love Special Edition & New York Comic Con. One day I hope to head to the mecca ... San Diego.

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