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2012 Popular Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay Costumers have been popular for a number of years now, allowing you to dress up as one of your popular fantasy characters simply for fun or to attend a particular event. With that said 2012 is set to be another big year in the world of Cosplay. In this article we are going to take a look at some 2012 Popular Cosplay Costumes.


Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7, the 7th game from the Final Fantasy Series has been rated amongst the best by many, and it is safe to say that the Cosplay follows retrospectively. The past few years have seen some great Final Fantasy 7 Cosplay Costumes and 2012 is set to be a big year as they will have only improved from the magnificent costumes we have seen in the past. Characters such as Cloud and Tifa are said to be amongst the 2012 Popular Cosplay Costumes.

 Final Fantasy Cosplay

Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda has featured in 2 of his very own films based around martial arts in the animal world. Of course this type of movie became very popular in a very short amount of time and there are now a range of Cosplay outfits available. Being one of the less serious and more humorous Cosplay Costumers it is rumoured that it will make it as one of the 2012 Popular Cosplay Costumes.


Kingdom Hearts

Much like Final Fantasy, the Kingdom Hearts story is one that many will struggle to forget. The role playing game enticed millions of gamers who took the time to play the game on many different occasions. By incorporating some of the world’s most famous role playing game characters every year we see some great Kingdom Hearts cosplay costumers in cosplay shops. Of course 2012 should see some significant improvements to the already popular costumes so you might want to get to the cosplay shop nice and early this year.

 Kingdom Hearts Cosplay

2012 Female Cosplay Costumes

Within the cosplay world the females often get some of the more interesting costumes to wear. With costumes such as Tifa (previous mentioned), Cantarella, Inori, Alice Rabbit and Sweet Pea available there is no reason why 2012 is not the year to head to the cosplay shop to update your cosplay wardrobe.

There are cosplay costumes to suit a female with no matter what look she seeks on any given date. Some of the cosplay costumes are based around a more sexy female attire whilst others stick to the fun and animated culture of cosplay.


With the 2012 Popular Cosplay Costumes we have mentioned, you should never cease to forget that 2012 might see some new releases that hit the market by storm. New episodes, anima series and games can easily promote a whole new range of cosplay costumes that might become popular in 2012. For that reason you should keep an eye on what it is going on in the cosplay industry and what new costumes your local cosplay shop has in stock week in and week out.

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