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Ready to Ship League of Legends LOL KDA Akali Cosplay Costume Only Coat mp004212

For those neon ninjas who would certainly rock the cosplay costume of Akali, then Procosplay is your one-stop-shop for everything you will need to imitate this iconic ‘girl with the neon mask’. As the femme fatale rapper of the group, the costume needs to pack a fierce punch – and it certainly does! As Akali herself says, “if you look dangerous, you better be dangerous!” The Procosplay outfit bundle consists of the distinctive asymmetrical pants, monochrome bralette, metallic blue quilted jacket and matching hat. The quality accessories that will really set you apart from the pack are the white belt with gold buckle, a black choker, a silver metallic necklace, a black and white pleather waist bag with a gold clasp, two gold effect bracelets, pair of triangular earrings, fingerless gloves and earphones. Akali is known for her distinctive oriental dragon tattoo and this is replicated in tremendous detail on the rear of the jacket.
Delivery date: 12-20 days
Warehouse location: In China,Shipping around the world.


A coat

Material: sports fabric, cotton

Gender: female

Size: XS, M, XL, XXXL

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