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Ready to Ship Frozen 2 Elsa Spirit Dress Cosplay Costume mp005584

Get ready to Show Yourself in delicate chiffon with this Elsa Spirit Dress Cosplay Costume from Frozen 2. Brilliant white transforms into royal purple as the garment descends from the top to the bottom. Great attention to detail went into making this elaborate outfit that appears as if it came right out of the Disney movie itself. High-quality materials make up this hand-crafted masterpiece. Sharp spikes cross the top of the chest mimicking the crystals of a snowflake or the top of a royal crown. The bust is adorned with a purple and blue diamond pattern and is bedazzled with hundreds of artificial diamonds that are meticulously hand-placed, shimmering in the daylight. Sheer fabric wraps around the top and is accented with a crystal snowflake in the back which connects to two wrist-length white sleeves, each one featuring a row of sparkling diamonds down their sides. A pair of icy blue and white spandex leggings add mobility, are bejeweled, and peek out from the bottom of the glamorous gown. Trailing dramatically behind the queen are two floor-length streamers that have the same ombre color scheme and pattern as the rest of the ensemble. With its chilly features and dynamic design, this cool costume will have any onlookers frozen in their tracks.
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Delivery date: processing time is 1-2 business days, shipping time (fast shipping is 3-5 business days, stand shipping is 5-7 business days, airmail is 7-12 business days) .

*Yellow stains on the flakes around the chest are normal due to high temperature cutting craftsmanship.


A dress

A pair of streamers

A pair of pants

Material: chiffon, crystal yarn, chenille

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


Here are the measurements of ready-to-wear for the size XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL (the chest fabric is made of space cotton, which is elastic and can stretch 18 cm):

XS: Chest 68-86 cm, Waist 62cm, Length (from shoulder to hemline) 137cm

S:   Chest 74-92 cm, Waist 68cm, Length (from shoulder to hemline) 140cm

M:   Chest 80-98 cm, Waist 74cm, Length (from shoulder to hemline) 143cm

L:    Chest 86-104 cm, Waist 80cm, Length (from shoulder to hemline) 146cm

XL:  Chest 92-110 cm, Waist 86cm, Length (from shoulder to hemline) 149cm

XXL: Chest 98-116 cm, Waist 92cm, Length (from shoulder to hemline) 149cm



It took around 5 months to be completed the pattern making for this dress. Three-dimensional burn-out in front of the chest

 The whole dress is inlaid with hundreds of artificial colored diamonds

The hemline is bleaching and dyeing gradient color. It's a real steal on this kind of craftsmanship dress!

*Please double-check the size chart and make sure the costume size matches your height, chest, waist, and hips.

*Please double-check the size chart and make sure the shoe size matches your foot length.

How To Order The Correct Size From Procosplay

Click here for checking a video to see how to measure and select your size.

Not all humans were created equally and the same applies to superheroes! Whether you are minute like Ant-Man, bulky like The Hulk or spindly like Spiderman, Procosplay knows that even the most experienced hero needs a little help when it comes to tailoring.

Here’s the low down on how to order the correct costume size:

  1. Size Matters

Forget about your usual clothing size! Whether you are from the US, UK, or usually wear European sizes – our costumes are made in a variety of different materials with specialized stitching and parts, so your usual size will not apply here.

  • It is vital that you measure your body correctly.
  • To obtain more precise measurements ensure that you are wearing thin, tight clothing so that any dimensions taken are as close to your body shape as possible. There is a very small margin for error.
  • For more accurate sizing, you are advised to get someone to help you if possible.
  • Measurements can be taken in either centimeters or inches.
  • 1. Height(compulsory): from the top of the head to the toe
    2. Chest Size(compulsory): the circumference of the largest part of your chest
    3. Waist Size(compulsory): measuring the circumference horizontally on the navel
    4. Hip Size(compulsory): the circumference of the largest part of your butt
    5. Shoulder Width: the length from the left shoulder seam to the right one across the back
    6. Arm Length: the length from top of shoulder to wrist
    7. Leg Inseam: the inseam length, from the crotch to the ankle
    8. Thigh Size: the circumference of the largest part of your thigh
    9. Calf Cir: the circumference of the largest part of your calf
    10. B.C.(biceps circumference): the circumference of the largest part of your biceps
    11. Forearm Cir: the circumference of the largest part of your forearm
    12. Torso Length: from the point between your shoulder and neck down to the seam of the crotch on your pants. This should be taken from the back of your body
    13. Leg Outseam: the outseam length, from the navel to the ankle

     2. Let Us Guide You

Once you have taken your precise measurements, then you can refer to our helpful online guide.

  • Be aware that the size chart reflects the body’s dimensions and not the clothes themselves.
  • The exact measurement of the costume will depend on the version ordered and your own individual need for comfort.


    3. Take Your Pick

Once you are certain of your size and costume choice it’s as easy as selecting a drop-down category.

  • If your measurements are close to that of the standard size, then once you have confirmed this against the exact version of the costume, then you can select and order.
  • If you do not fit into the category of the standard size then a customized costume is the option for you.
  • Don’t forget, whilst the general measurements we take are for the height, chest, waist and hip – if you have any special requirements then you will need to let us know. This could mean that you have longer arms than average or a shorter torso. As we are unable to fully measure your body like a tailor would, or use our telepathic skills like Doctor Strange, we rely on you to let us know – plus no one else knows your body as you do.


4. Suited And Booted

Some of the costumes come with optional quality boots and shoes, so don’t forget to select this option if necessary.

  • Shoe purchase is very simple – make sure the shoe size matches your foot length.
  • With boots, we will need some more measurements due to the variations in calf size and leg length, however, there is a handy guide on how to measure and what we will need from you. 
  • Please note that high-heeled shoes with sizes larger than 260 MM may be made into flat shoes.
  • Shoe size chart updated on 2023/ 09/ 16 at 12:23 PM (China Time).

     5. Super Kids

  • Whilst we do have an extensive selection of kids cosplay costumes, with bespoke size choices, the adult outfits can also be ordered for your little heroes. However, these will all need to be customized size orders except the sizes 3XS and 6XS can work.

If you are uncertain or in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact our extremely helpful team for further advice at [email protected].

*Shoe size chart updated on 2023/ 09/ 16 at 12:23 PM (China Time).

ProCosplay Customer Service is available from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm (China Time).

Our customer care will be delighted to accompany you as you discover the products of ProCosplay.

About the price:

The currency on the website is US dollars. The price on the product page does not include the shipping cost. Please kindly note, that the total order amount does not include local sales tax/ VAT, extra fees may be applied.

About the contact information

Please leave us a valid and commonly used email address and cell phone number so that the order can be confirmed and delivered faster.

About the delivery:

Processing time is 15-25 days for a standard size costume, 25-35 days for a custom fit for a custom size costume, and the shipping time frame is 3-5 business days (standard shipping or fast shipping). 

Delivery time is between 18-40 days from the time of ordering and in case you need the costume urgently, just contact us to confirm the process. You can buy single pieces or in bulk depending on your preference, and they will be delivered at the same time in case of bulk purchases.

*The products from ready to ship catalog will be delivered in 5-10 business days. (Only effective on the basis of choosing standard shipping or fast shipping)

About the return:

You can return or exchange any order to us within 7 days after receiving it. Visit the Contact Us section and then file a message at the support option or contact us via [email protected]

*Please be aware that, in accordance with the return policy, customized items can not be returned or refunded.

*Customs charges are at your expense if you return an order from a country different from ours.

As for the specific return policy, please click HERE to check the details.

About the washing and care:

Hand washing and natural air drying are recommended. Machine washing / dry cleaning is not recommended.

Before cleaning, please remove metal accessories to avoid damage to itself or the costume.

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, artificial light, and humidity. Do not allow pieces with contrasting colors and different materials to come into direct contact with each other.

Never use a cleaning product or stain remover to remove a stain. Instead, bring your piece to a professional cleaning service as soon as possible. Once the stain is removed, take the plastic cover off and allow your piece to air out before putting away.

About the color:

We try to accurately display the colors of the products you see on the Website. However, We cannot guarantee that the colors you see on your monitor will be accurate.


About the size:

Please note that each product has its own size chart on the corresponding product page, so kindly double-check the size chart to ensure that the costume size fits the wearer's height, chest, waist, and hips. Additionally, the shoe size should match the wearer's foot length and calf circumference, if the calf circumference doesn't match, let us know the calf circumference in the message box. *Shoe size chart updated on 2023/ 09//16 at 12:23 PM (China Time).

Products specifications
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Color White
Halloween2021 Yes
Category Cosplay Costumes
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Existing reviews
Elsa Spirit Dress
This dress is BEYOND AMAZING! Beautifully made with so many handmade details.
In addition, Alice who helped me through the process was also amazing and extremely wonderful to work with!
Adrianne Gabel | 7/2/2020 6:43 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (2/0)
So pretty!
This dress is so well made and it’s just lovely. So many kids have been requesting Elsa and I’m so happy that now I have a lovely Elsa dress to wear to events!! Thanks Procosplay for being wonderful to work with!!

Gina Venable | 7/7/2020 7:15 PM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (3/0)
Really impressed overall
I'm really impressed with the level of craftsmanship this cosplay has, the printing is very crisp and the faux velvet is pretty heavy and feels nice. It even comes with a little bag of spare crystals in case you lose some, which is very nice of them. I spotted a few manufacturing issues - there's a drop of glue on one sleeve and a few smudges (shown in the pictures), but when you're making something in white with this many crystals, you're going to end up with a few mistakes, so I'm not too bothered by it. The zipper sticks a little at the waist seam, but it still works okay. I ordered size XL and I am a US 12 - the dress itself is a little big in the waist, but fits my arms and shoulders perfectly. The pants are a little small, but stretch well. (I have a distinct hourglass shape, so this is normal for me.) Overall, I'm very impressed and very happy with my purchase. Thank you!
ALICIA MATHESON | 7/18/2020 7:44 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (3/0)
A manager responded to this review
Hi there, we are appreciated you left us this valuable review, and we are really sorry about these issues. Firstly, because of the handmade craftsmanship details of this dress, it is very complicated, our tailor can only make one dress in a whole day. Secondly, regarding the "smudge" on the chest area, because we used glue to attach the fabric and then processing the craftmanship of burn-out, the glue is burnt when the burning temperature is too high, so it may leave a little bit like a "smudge" things. Thirdly, regarding the glue on the sleeves, there are hundreds of crystals on this dress, and these are all hand-applied by our tailors one by one, so there is might be occurred the glue stains on the dress. We had a careful consideration once we got your feedback, we decided to try to use hand stitches instead of glue to fix the fabric on the chest area to avoid the "smudge" on the chest area, and we will let more skilled tailors make this dress and strengthen the quality inspection to reduce the defects. Thank you so much for your understanding! We truly hope you can have a beautiful skirt and be a perfect queen :D
Magical Elsa Spirit Dress
I've been looking and holding out for this white Elsa spirit dress since the movie came out. I never found one I loved until I saw this procosplay one! I bought it as soon as they put it out! It's stunning!! The dress is beautiful and comfortable and photographs well! Alice notified me through email so I knew when it was shipping and it came very quickly! The top nude part blends into the neck very nicely and the colors on the attachable fabric tails flow together perfectly! The top half is stretchy for comfort and the bottom half is sturdier. It also came with extra gems and fabric in case the ones on the dress fall off. I have only done one photoshoot so far but there will be many more. Follow my cosplay Instagram for more Elsa and this dress, @cosplaysoleil
Gina Wojciechowski | 7/20/2020 3:46 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (3/0)
I love this dress so much, it went above and beyond my expectations. I was looking for a Show Yourself dress for my princess company that was both stunning, quality, and not too expensive. Let me tell you this dress feels like it should be very expensive though. The details and materials are amazing and it fit perfectly ! Great communication from seller and fast shipping were also a plus. I'm so happy with my purchase,  10/10.
Olivia Baker | 7/23/2020 9:00 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (3/0)
Elsa "Spirit" dress
This dress is better than any other you can find right now! It is affordable and the best looking dress you can have for a Frozen 2 Elsa cosplay! The top part of the dress is particularly perfect and looks exactly like the movie. I'm so glad I waited to get this dress. I couldn't create such beautiful Elsa photos without it!
Follow @lostprincesscosplay for more photos!
Meredith Mills | 7/26/2020 12:30 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (1/0)
elsa dress
this dress is AMAZING!!!
Adrianne Gabel | 8/5/2020 3:03 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (2/0)
A wonderful addition to my visiting closet!
I mostly use my costumes for visiting kiddos who cannot come out to play, but for now I'm doing videos so I don't put anyone at risk <3 so far it is an absolute hit!

It fits amazingly, is comfortable, and photographs like a dream! I absolutely recommend this costume. Fits true to measurements, and has a very comfortable fit!
Andrea Wickstrom | 8/10/2020 6:05 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (2/0)
This is the FIRST COSPLAY that arrived AS DESCRIBED for me. I buy occasionally from other sellers but ProCosplay knocked this out of the park! There is a nude mesh at the top that gives the illusion of the crystals/ice spikes 'floating" on the skin.

The main body of the dress is made from a strongly enforced velvet which feels more like a sturdy brocade or cotton and is AMAZING in color. The chiffon bottom is gorgeous and all of the glitter/glam/sparkles enhance the costume.

ProCosplay even sends SPARE gems/sparkle stones to add onto the costume should they fall off (as happens with time and cleaning). This is an INCREDIBLE costume for the price. I am awe struck.

The measurements are TRUE TO SIZE! I am taller so I went a size up (normally a large but went with an XL) and I am happy I did. They are very accurate with height so start there and then figure out what size you want. If you are between sizes I recommend going up as this is skin tight!

Oh and I CANNOT forget the AMAZING spandex leggings. The little details on them are lovely and the ombre from white to blue is breath taking.

Samantha Kitts | 8/12/2020 1:10 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (2/0)
this dress is absolutely beautiful! I am so glad I bought it! Thank you!
Rachel Richman | 8/16/2020 7:44 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (1/0)
Stunning cosplay!!
The Elsa spirit dress is one of the best cosplays I own! The quality is stunning and the attention to detail is fantastic. I received spare gems just in case any fall off the dress which is very generous. It’s so accurate to the movie which is great. Very fast postage as well! I would highly recommend this cosplay to anyone who wishes to own this stunning dress. 10/10
Angie Woodward | 8/26/2020 8:48 PM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (1/0)
Amazing Dress!!!
Took 2 months to have made and only a few days to be shipped via DHL.
I bought an XXL. I was worried the size wouldn't fit as I am a bit of a bigger girl but it fits perfectly! I was sooo surprised!
I am thoroughly impressed with this dress! I saw all the other reviews and got super excited! Customer service was great and responded in a timely manner whenever I had a question.
XXL was their biggest size they had and it JUST fits me like a glove!
The fabric is stiff and soft. I'm not sure what the fabric is called but it gives a great shape and gives good support. They double layered the mesh up top and the details are amazing. The zipper is on the side. The diamonds are glued on, therefore there is a chance that they might fall off and I've noticed with 2 of them starting to peel, so I will glue it back on. They do give you extra diamond things in case they do fall off while you wear it and it gets lost, you can glue a new one back on.
The sleeves are detachable and super light and flowy! The leggings are comfortable and fit nicely as well with glued on small diamond bits. The sewing in general is well done and completely finished with no loose threads which is rare to find with any cosplay store. So that is a plus!
I've looked all over the web, from Etsy to other cosplay sites and none compare to this dress in accuracy! The seamstresses have paid close attention to the detail of Elsa's dress while constructing the pattern! And for the price, you get more bang for your buck with it! I highly recommend!! 5 Stars!!! Absolutely gorgeous dress and I can't wait to do photoshoots with it!!!
I wish I could upload more pics of the details in this dress but it will only let me upload 5.

my IG is @guiselegacy and I will post photoshoot pictures there when I do it!
Autumn Deighton | 8/29/2020 10:47 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (1/0)
I meant to add more pictures
aah I don't know what happened but I wanted to add more photos so I'm just giving you another 5 stars so everyone can see the pics!
Autumn Deighton | 8/29/2020 10:49 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (1/0)
Stupendous & Stunning Spirit Elsa Cosplay!!!!! 💗
I am absolutely blown away! The package arrived early! Everything was superb quality! The pants fit perfect! It was super comfortable. The sleeves and pants are so soft, and the dress is stunning! I love this Almost velvety material the main gown is constructed with, it gives it a nice weight where other dresses I’ve tried felt too light and cheap. The detail of the jewels on the sleeves and the bodice is so like the movie, and the snowflake detail on the back and shoulders is so beautiful!  I love the extra jewels and appliqués they included in the package, cause I’m always loosing jewels off my gowns when I where them out. And I was very appreciative of the little gift ProCosplay sent. I’m beyond satisfied with this gorgeous costumes, and I will definitely be purchasing from this company again, and if anyone is looking for a high quality Elsa gown, I highly recommend this one!
Corrine Bourgette | 8/31/2020 10:31 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (1/0)
Elsa dress
Here is my review,

I have used procosplay for the past 2 years for all my frozen dresses.
I ordered the white spirit dress when it came out and couldn't wait to get it.
The staff are amazing so helpful with sizing and delivery nothing is too much for them.
The dress feels amazing its material is velvety and rich the costume sparkles and glitters when u put it on i was in love the dress is amazing to wear and looks the part!!! The fit is perfect i went with small its just right.
I cannot thank you guys enough for a fast reliable professional service you answered every question fast and professionall!!
I cant wait to get a photo shoot done in my spirit dress.

You guys are the best in the business. 💜❄

Thank you
Leeann ❄❄❄
Leeann Mccabe | 9/16/2020 1:24 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (1/0)
Wow! Blown away!
Stunningly made Elsa dress! I was so impressed and I love how it sparkles. Sizing was accurate and shipping was FAST! I had the dress in one week! Thank you for making this beautiful gown, I really feel like Elsa.
Esther Vallins | 9/16/2020 11:49 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (2/0)
Elsa Spirit Dress is a MUST buy
I was blown away when I received the Elsa Spirit dress!  Because this dress is very low in price, I was not expecting such high quality and craftsmanship! I actually wasn’t expecting much at all! I was buying this to be a starter dress, but now it is a keeper! The design and attention to detail have far exceeded what I wanted for in this new dress!! The fit is perfect and is easy to get in and out of! It doesn’t itch or irritate like some other dresses do. The quality of fabric alone could easily make this dress price sell for so much more! Words cannot express enough how much I love this dress! It is so beautiful, and is park and movie accurate! I can not recommend this enough- this is a MUST buy!
Sarah Siefken | 9/21/2020 6:15 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
The most beautiful dress
This dress arrived today, and it’s honestly the most beautiful dress I’ve ever held. The material is lovely and soft, and the leggings are just perfect, nice and silky. The streamers are perfect, and I can’t wait to wear this dress.
Antonia Bashford | 9/25/2020 9:08 PM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
so gorgeous!!
This dress is STUNNING. It’s well made and fits perfectly. Alice was a pleasure to work with. The dress comes with spare gems in case any fall off, the printing on the streamers and bottom of the dress is perfect. The only fault I’ve found is that they changed the mesh at the top to white, I’d much rather it be nude so it would blend in. Overall I am thrilled with my purchase. I’ll be posting more photos on my instagram @harleyaleencos if anyone is interested!
Harley Hancock | 11/7/2020 8:06 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
Spirt Elsa Dress
This dress is AMAZING! The detailing on it is beautiful and really makes the dress stand out. I have been cosplaying as Disney princess for years and I have never had as many compliments as when I was wearing this dress. The only issue I had was that I lost weight after I bought this dress and had to get it taken in, but I guess that's not a bad thing at all.
Jessie Robinson | 5/25/2021 10:07 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
Great dress
Very accurate. Put together nicely. Clean lines. Thick, good material.
Hannah Lord | 1/17/2022 5:01 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
Accurate and pretty. But falling apart
I was really excited for this costume. It’s very accurate and put together nicely. However, I put it on for an hour tonight and pieces of it have already started falling off, stitches are coming undone on the sleeves. I’m going to have to fix a bunch of things after only an hour wear. So that’s frustrating for that price.
Hannah Lord | 1/22/2022 11:33 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
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Products specifications
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Color White
Halloween2021 Yes
Category Cosplay Costumes
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