Avatar The Legend of Korra Azula Cosplay Costume mp000646

Azula is basically a fictional character in the animated series by the name of Avatar. Azula in the series is a princess of the Fire of Nation who has the power to play with the fire and to manipulate it for various purposes. She is helping to make her country win the war. Her popularity in the television series is evident from her fans craze to wear her Cosplay costumes. For this her costume is now available with eight sets of accessories including jacket, pants, shoe cover, gauntlet, shoulder armour, belt and coat. This beautiful costume is available for women in two sizes and is made up of uniform cloth.
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Avatar The Legend of Korra Azula Cosplay Costume includes

A black uniform cloth coat

A red uniform cloth long sleeve shirt

A red uniform cloth pants

A black uniform cloth collar with yellow border

A black uniform cloth shoulder pad with red border

A pair of red gloves

A pair of black uniform cloth shoe covers

A yellow leather belt with a logo on the middle

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