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So you think you are a big fan of all those superheroes blasting through the movies and making the showbiz headlines? Here is yet another way to prove it to the world. Get costumes of your favorite superheroes, customized to your size, and stand out in the huge thong of fans swarming the streets now. Explicitly real-looking costumes of Batman, Avengers and the Arrow superheroes are available; complete with all the accessories they might be seen flashing off in the movies and on television. The quality of all products has been kept up to the mark.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Elrond Cosplay Costume C03128

The lore of the rings has just gotten a lot more expansive with the introduction of The Rings of Power series on Amazon! The Elrond Cosplay Costume is medieval fantasy at its finest. Made from high-quality materials, this multilayered ensemble consists of several individual pieces. A pair of tan pants fit securely around the wearer’s waist. Layered on top of the pants is a long grey robe. The robe features long sleeves, a white swirling pattern, and a split in the front that adds maximum mobility. A tan belt is embossed with an intricate golden design, cinches at the waist, and hangs off a loop on the side. A pair of ornate pleather shoulder pads, fasten in place, and are accentuated with loosely hanging fringe. Hanging off the shoulder is a floor-length asymmetrical cloak. It is tide securely on the shoulder and is decorated with a circular silver and pearl broach. Matching jewelry, including rings and earrings, add to this ensembles Eldridge aesthetic. This is a highly intricate costume that would make any fan of The Lord of the Rings proud!

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Galadriel Cosplay Costume C03021

Return to Middle-Earth in the Galandriel cosplay costume from the hit Amazon series Rings of Power. This she-elf’s ensemble is every bit as fantastical as its name would suggest. Drawing inspiration from medieval garb, the outfit is strikingly delegate and full of gorgeous detailing. Made from high-quality fabric, the costume is essentially one long flowing dress. It is a striking periwinkle blue that catches the eye of onlookers. The top of the dress features a “v” shape neckline and ruffles around the bust adding dimension to this glorious garment. The sleeves extend much longer than on your typical gown, covering both your arms and hands. The fabric flows freely over them which emphasizes the dress’s medieval design. Fabric wraps around the elbows as does a skinny string which is decorated with metallic golden beads. Both cause the sleeves to flare out giving a dramatic touch to the ensemble. The dress itself laces up in the back and ties along the top of the neckline. A navy corset wraps around the torso and features the same ruffled fabric seen at the top of the dress. A piece of fabric from the corset drapes down at the hip and is tied in a delegate bow. This adds both contrast to the outfit and additional dimension.

The Sandman Morpheus Cosplay Costume C03129

The lord and personification of all dreams and reality, Morpheus (aka The Sandman), has existed since almost the beginning of time. This is a character with deep roots in mythology and has an intimidating costume to match. This dark and brooding ensemble is a sleek and stylish garment made from high-quality fabrics and materials. This black costume is devoid of all color, adding to the character’s macabre mystique. The costume is a mix of various fabrics that make up a shirt, vest and skirt. The shirt hangs down to the knees and fastens in the center by two buttons. The pleather sleeves of the vest are matched by a vest that fits securely over the shirt. It features line detailing throughout that forms a cross design in the center and a “v” shape at the bottom. A floor-length skirt flows freely around the legs and adds to the garment’s elegant design. With it’s other-worldly form and somber pallet it’s no wonder that sweet dreams are made of these!

New TV show Wednesday Addams Wednesday Cosplay Costume C07057

Wednesday Addams is all dressed up and ready for her first year at Nevermore Academy. This colorless costume has all the classic makings of a private prep school uniform. Ditching the brilliant purple found in the uniforms of her peers, Wednesday prefers a darker pallet so has opted for a black and grey color scheme. The entire ensemble, which is made from high quality fabrics, is business attire at its finest. A knee-length striped skirt is pleated and features a checkered pattern throughout that sits over a pair of silk black pantyhose. A simple white button-down collared shirt is covered with a dark grey cotton sweater-vest. Practice your best tying skills with a black and white silk suit tie in any knot you desire. An alternating black and grey striped suit jacket features two buttons on the front, pockets on the side and a matching grey Nevermore Academy crest on the left breast. It is, however, upon closer investigation where this garment really shines. If you look closer at the jacket a fine dotted pattern is clearly visible in the design, giving this suit greater depth and dimension than one might initially realize.
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