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So you think you are a big fan of all those superheroes blasting through the movies and making the showbiz headlines? Here is yet another way to prove it to the world. Get costumes of your favorite superheroes, customized to your size, and stand out in the huge thong of fans swarming the streets now. Explicitly real-looking costumes of Batman, Avengers and the Arrow superheroes are available; complete with all the accessories they might be seen flashing off in the movies and on television. The quality of all products has been kept up to the mark.

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Monica Rambeau Cosplay Costume C08574S

The Monica Rambeau Cosplay Costume is an impeccable replica of the outfit worn by the iconic character. This costume captures Monica's fierce and heroic spirit down to the last detail, making it perfect for cosplay events, comic conventions, or simply showing off your love for the character. The costume includes a sleek jumpsuit that fits like a second skin, providing both comfort and style. Made from high-quality faux leather, the jumpsuit offers durability and is sure to withstand even the most active and adventurous cosplay sessions. Its black color adds a touch of mystery and elegance, while the white accents on the waist and arms bring authenticity to Monica's uniform. Enhancing the overall look, this cosplay costume comes with two shoulder armor pieces, expertly designed to replicate Monica's battle-ready appearance. These shoulder armor pieces attach securely to the jumpsuit, completing the transformation into our beloved superheroine. For an even more accurate portrayal, optional shoes are available to complete the Monica Rambeau ensemble. These shoes, crafted with the same attention to detail as the rest of the costume, perfectly emulate the footwear worn by the character. Overall, the Monica Rambeau Cosplay Costume is a must-have for any enthusiast or fan of the character. Its high-quality materials, attention to detail, and stunning accuracy make it an excellent addition to any cosplay collection. Whether you're dressing up for a convention or simply want to channel Monica's incredible power and confidence, this costume is the perfect choice.

Bloodborne Hunter Doll Selfie Cosplay Costume mp003733

Should you wish to embark on a Cosplay alongside the Hunter then this exquisite costume from Procosplay will enable you to come to life as The Doll. Aside from the quality and likeness, the amount of items you receive for the price ensures that you are adequately dolled up but at a very reasonable cost. In its entirety the costume consists of a cape, one piece dress, hat, tie, gloves and scarf. The cape is made from a sumptuous taupe coloured material with an embroidered fringe tassel hem, large hood and large red satin bow. The cape is finished off with an intricate dainty lace trim around the hem. Worn beneath the cape is a Pilgrim style under dress. Made from a similar hue as the cape, it features a full pleated skirt and a white trim around the bottom hem to give the impression of a vintage petticoat. The corset-style bodice of this one piece dress is shaped into a fit and flare cut with ruched waist detailing and zip closure at the rear. The dress features a layered sleeve effect – black three-quarter length sleeve, with a grey cuff and faux white undershirt to add to the extravagant doll effect. The dress has a removable neck and shoulder scarf to unveil a starched high neckline underneath. The scarf is made from an ornate lace effect material with an elegant brown bow to secure it in place. The fingerless gloves, crafted from a dark red with brown and white shades of stitching add a bold statement to the costume. Completing the ensemble is a pilgrim style head scarf. Dark in colour the headwear ties at the rearwhich allows it to be adjusted to size as necessary. The headscarf also features a small peak along the brow for an authentic look. Why stay in the Hunter’s Dream when you can become your very own Doll reality?
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