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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Elrond Cosplay Costume C03128

The lore of the rings has just gotten a lot more expansive with the introduction of The Rings of Power series on Amazon! The Elrond Cosplay Costume is medieval fantasy at its finest. Made from high-quality materials, this multilayered ensemble consists of several individual pieces. A pair of tan pants fit securely around the wearer’s waist. Layered on top of the pants is a long grey robe. The robe features long sleeves, a white swirling pattern, and a split in the front that adds maximum mobility. A tan belt is embossed with an intricate golden design, cinches at the waist, and hangs off a loop on the side. A pair of ornate pleather shoulder pads, fasten in place, and are accentuated with loosely hanging fringe. Hanging off the shoulder is a floor-length asymmetrical cloak. It is tide securely on the shoulder and is decorated with a circular silver and pearl broach. Matching jewelry, including rings and earrings, add to this ensembles Eldridge aesthetic. This is a highly intricate costume that would make any fan of The Lord of the Rings proud!

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Galadriel Cosplay Costume C03021

Return to Middle-Earth in the Galandriel cosplay costume from the hit Amazon series Rings of Power. This she-elf’s ensemble is every bit as fantastical as its name would suggest. Drawing inspiration from medieval garb, the outfit is strikingly delegate and full of gorgeous detailing. Made from high-quality fabric, the costume is essentially one long flowing dress. It is a striking periwinkle blue that catches the eye of onlookers. The top of the dress features a “v” shape neckline and ruffles around the bust adding dimension to this glorious garment. The sleeves extend much longer than on your typical gown, covering both your arms and hands. The fabric flows freely over them which emphasizes the dress’s medieval design. Fabric wraps around the elbows as does a skinny string which is decorated with metallic golden beads. Both cause the sleeves to flare out giving a dramatic touch to the ensemble. The dress itself laces up in the back and ties along the top of the neckline. A navy corset wraps around the torso and features the same ruffled fabric seen at the top of the dress. A piece of fabric from the corset drapes down at the hip and is tied in a delegate bow. This adds both contrast to the outfit and additional dimension.
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