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Stargirl Courtney Whitmore Cosplay Costume mp005242

Show off your patriotism in this Stargirl Cosplay Costume. A star-spangled masterpiece, this scantily clad super-suit features the same red, white and blue colors as the American flag. Exposing the midriff is a long-sleeved spandex crop-top that zips closed in the back. It is adorned with white stars on the sleeves and a single large three-dimensional star on the chest. Alternating shades of blue and a polka-dot pattern give dimension to this sleek and sexy top. A set of red leather gloves, cuffed at the wrists, sits atop hand protectors and has the same iconic stars. A matching pair of short-shorts has the same polka-dot design and has white trim on the bottom finishing the design nicely. A red leather belt tops the shorts, has a storage pocket, and displays a circular emblem in the center. What better way to hide your identity than with a classic mask? The mask covers the face and is open in the back to allow hair to flow freely. It is made from the same high-quality spandex and features leather detailing around the eyes. A star pattern is faintly visible over the royal blue. A high level of detail and master craftsmanship went into creating this stylish ensemble which is perfect for any young heroine looking to seek out justice.
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A top

A pair of shorts

A belt

A mask

A pair of gloves

Material:Polyester, spandex leather, shiny spandex

Size:all size

How To Order The Correct Size From Procosplay

Not all humans were created equally and the same applies to superheroes! Whether you are minute like Ant-Man, bulky like The Hulk or spindly like Spiderman, Procosplay knows that even the most experienced hero needs a little help when it comes to tailoring.

Here’s the low down on how to order the correct costume size:

  1. Size Matters

Forget about your usual clothing size! Whether you are from the US, UK or usually wear European sizes – our costumes are made in a variety of different materials with specialized stitching and parts, so your usual size will not apply here.

  • It is vital that you measure your body correctly.
  • To obtain more precise measurements ensure that you are wearing thin, tight clothing so that any dimensions taken are as close to your body shape as possible. There is a very small margin for error.
  • For more accurate sizing, you are advised to get someone to help you if possible.
  • Measurements can be taken in either centimeters or inches.

    2. Let Us Guide You

Once you have taken your precise measurements, then you can refer to our helpful online guide.

  • Be aware that the size chart reflects the body’s dimensions and not the clothes themselves.
  • The exact measurement of the costume will depend on the version ordered and your own individual need for comfort.

    3. Take Your Pick

Once you are certain of your size and costume choice it’s as easy as selecting a drop-down category.

  • If your measurements are close to that of the standard size, then once you have confirmed this against the exact version of the costume, then you can select and order.
  • If you do not fit into the category of the standard size then a customized costume is the option for you.
  • Don’t forget, whilst the general measurements we take are for the height, chest, waist and hip – if you have any special requirements then you will need to let us know. This could mean that you have longer arms than average or a shorter torso. As we are unable to fully measure your body like a tailor would, or use our telepathic skills like Doctor Strange, we rely on you to let us know – plus no one else knows your body as you do.uited And Booted

Some of the costumes come with optional quality boots and shoes, so don’t forget to select this option if necessary.

  • Shoe purchase is very simple – just choose the relevant US or EUR shoe size as appropriate.
  • With boots, we will need some more measurements due to the variations in calf size and leg length, however, there is a handy guide on how to measure and what we will need from you.


      4. Super Kids

  • Whilst we do have an extensive selection of kids cosplay costumes, with bespoke size choices, the adult outfits can also be ordered for your little heroes. However, these will all need to be customized size orders except the size 3XS and 6XS can work.

If you are uncertain or in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact our extremely helpful team for further advice.

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