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Spider-Man: No Way Home Doctor Strange Cosplay Costume C00951

The Sorcerer Supreme has a long history with everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and what better way to show off this kinship than by sporting the costume worn by Dr. Strange in the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home. This is one of the most complex and layered looks worn by any superhero to date and has enough individual pieces to make this truly a unique and interesting design! The under layer of the garment is primarily made up of a blue top with matching pants. Sitting on top of this is a sleeveless robe with a pleated design found throughout. Cinched at the waist is a multi-layered brown leather belt that has no shortage of straps and buckles with one particular piece hanging down the front. A pair of armbands wrap around the wearer's wrists and a set of optional leather boots match the esthetic of the rest of the costume. Strange's signature cloak of levitation is brilliant red and flows asymmetrically off the shoulders and down the back forming an erect collar around the neck. Strange's most powerful tool at his disposal is the Eye of Agamotto which is presented here as a large ornate golden necklace. With an ensemble this dynamic, you'll be the most stylish sorcerer at any event.
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