Roman Torchwick costume at RWBY Cosplay is not complemented with any weapon or hair wig. Yet, it remains one of the most graceful and stylish costumes for men. A white overcoat like structure is worn over black straight pants. That might seem ordinary, had it not been for the huge upturned collar of the overcoat which is of a maroon-red colour on the inside, and a handkerchief to be tied around the neck. A black undershirt is also available. The coat has straight tightly-fitting arms and three golden buttons running in the midline of its front aspect.

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RWBY Roman Torchwick Cosplay Costume Y-0979

Cosplay as the strong character of Roman Torchwick! The set includes three piece costumes, which is easy to play. A red collared white coat made of uniform cloth. A black long-sleeved shirt made of stretch cotton, which support any size and do no harm for the skin. A pair of black uniform cloth pants. And some noticeable items create the image of Roman Torchwick, a black bowler hat with a red band, a pair of black gloves with rounded sleeves and four brown leather loops with buckle used to fasten on the sleeves of the gloves.
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