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Ready to Ship Vocaloid Kagamine Rin Cosplay Costumes On Sale mp000238

Accessories: 9 sets, hair hoop, sailor suit, cuff X2, scarves, tie, shorts, foot X2, belt, strap.[br] Product material: Mickey expected, open side of Pearl Leather[br] Apparel Gender: Women[br] Size: 8 yards from 2XS-3XL
$81.93 $40.96

Ready to Ship Frozen 2 Elsa Spirit Dress Cosplay Costume mp005584

Get ready to Show Yourself in delicate chiffon with this Elsa Spirit Dress Cosplay Costume from Frozen 2. Brilliant white transforms into royal purple as the garment descends from the top to the bottom. Great attention to detail went into making this elaborate outfit that appears as if it came right out of the Disney movie itself. High-quality materials make up this hand-crafted masterpiece. Sharp spikes cross the top of the chest mimicking the crystals of a snowflake or the top of a royal crown. The bust is adorned with a purple and blue diamond pattern and is bedazzled with hundreds of artificial diamonds that are meticulously hand-placed, shimmering in the daylight. Sheer fabric wraps around the top and is accented with a crystal snowflake in the back which connects to two wrist-length white sleeves, each one featuring a row of sparkling diamonds down their sides. A pair of icy blue and white spandex leggings add mobility, are bejeweled, and peek out from the bottom of the glamorous gown. Trailing dramatically behind the queen are two floor-length streamers that have the same ombre color scheme and pattern as the rest of the ensemble. With its chilly features and dynamic design, this cool costume will have any onlookers frozen in their tracks.

Ready to ship Sailor Moon Sailor Uranus Haruka Tenoh Cosplay Shoes On Sale mp000575

Model Number:CV-035-S06[br] Material:matt leather[br] Gender:female[br] Color:blue
$68.04 $34.02

Ready to ship Tarzan Jane Porter Cosplay Costume On Sale mp003337

Include: shirt ,bow tie,coat, skirt,socks,headpiece
$123.59 $61.79

Ready to Ship Green Arrow Season 5 Black Siren Cosplay Costume On Sale mp003757

Black Canary Dinah Laurel Lance was a citizen of Star City and one of its most beloved public servants.[3] Laurel was the eldest daughter of Quentin Lance and Dinah Lance (after whom she was named), the older sister of Sara Lance, and the on/off romantic interest and longtime friend of Oliver Queen. The ex-girlfriend of Tommy Merlyn, she was a lawyer who held the position of Assistant District and was previously a former legal aid attorney. However, after the death of her sister she was inspired to take up vigilantism and received training from Ted Grant and later by her close friend and her sister's former lover, Nyssa al Ghul. She eventually joined Team Arrow and became known as the Black Canary, the second Canary of her beloved city. From wikia .
$151.36 $75.68

Ready to Ship Once Upon a Time Killian Jones Captain Hook Cosplay Costume On Sale mp001994

Killian Jones/Captain Hook is a really charming man,the orginal character is from Disney Film Peterpan.This costume is consist of the long pleather with a lof of buttons which is faded,also the vest is design with a special embroidery,and uniform trousers .
$193.02 $96.51

Ready to Ship Thor:Ragnarok Loki Laufeyson Cosplay Costume On Sale mp003771

Loki, a treacherous man, just thought he will grow up in the new series. But he just likes to open the Pandora's box in the movie. We are attracted by his personality, even his costume is a little complicated. Thor Loki costume includes the inner synthetic leather which is environment friendly shirt, the same material pants, with the detailed vest which have the shoulder pads, a pair of gauntlets, a pair of gloves, a long synthetic leather cloak with the satin lining, long leg guards with some rivets. Genuine pics, affordable price, get one to cosplay right now.
$331.88 $165.94
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