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Ready to Ship The Flash 2023 Bruce Wayne Cosplay Costume Michael Keaton 1989 Version C08261

Introducing The Flash 2023 Bruce Wayne Cosplay Costume, a high-quality replica of the iconic Michael Keaton 1989 version. Perfect for cosplay events, Halloween parties, or simply showcasing your love for the Dark Knight. This meticulously crafted costume includes a black bodysuit made from a combination of pleather, spandex pleather, and silver pleather. The materials used ensure a comfortable fit while maintaining the authentic look of the original suit. Complete with essential accessories, such as gauntlets and gloves, which add extra detail to replicate Bruce Wayne's distinctive outfit. The belt adds a touch of realism while keeping the suit securely in place. The included cape adds dramatic flair and can be easily attached to the suit with integrated fasteners. Made from a high-quality fabric, the cape recreates the flowing appearance seen in the movie. For added protection and accuracy, two armor pieces are included to be worn over the bodysuit. These armor pieces replicate the intricate design of Bruce Wayne's suit and are crafted with precision and attention to detail. To ensure optimum comfort during wear, two knee pads are included, perfectly matching the rest of the ensemble. These knee pads safeguard against any impacts and enhance the overall appearance of the costume. As an optional accessory, a mask is available to complete the look, providing an accurate representation of Bruce Wayne's iconic cowl. The mask's design allows for ease of wear without compromising on authenticity. Additionally, for those seeking a complete transformation, shoes can be added to the costume. These shoes, designed with the utmost care, ensure a comfortable fit while maintaining the resemblance to Bruce Wayne's footwear. Whether you are a die-hard fan or a casual admirer, The Flash 2023 Bruce Wayne Cosplay Costume allows you to embody the legendary character, paying homage to the iconic Michael Keaton portrayal. Don this remarkable ensemble and become a hero in your own right.

Ready to Ship Buy Alice: Madness Returns Late But Lucky Cosplay Costutme Online mp000266

Accessories: 11 sets, jacket, vest, tie, skirt, shirt, hat, bowknot, talon *2, elbow guard *2, gloves*2,necklace[br] Product material: uniform cloth, silk, wistiti,alloy[br] Apparel Gender: Women[br] Size: 8 yards from 2XS-3XL
$146.00 $73.00
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