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Procosplay Annual Ceremony

From 1.20 to 2.20, a random fan will be selected every day to win a free order!
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🎉【Procosplay Annual Ceremony】:
January 2024! We wanted to give back as much love as we have received this year from our fans!
🎁🛒From 1.20 to 2.20, a random fan will be selected every day to win a free order!
🎁 Free orders will be randomly selected from orders placed during 1.20 - 2.20! 
🎁 As long as you place an order, you will get a chance to win! Event till 2.20!
*We will contact the winners through email at [email protected],
 and announce the order number on Instagram@procosplay_club !
I hope to continue to accompany you in the days to come! Thank you for your support!
And stay tuned with us, more new activities are on the way!
- Winner: 30 fans
- Prize: Orders placed during the event date will be free of charge
- Participate: Fans who place orders between 1.20 - 2.20
- Winner announcement: Feb 21st, 2024









ProCosplay Customer Service is available from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm (China Time).

Our customer care will be delighted to accompany you as you discover the products of ProCosplay.

About the price:

The currency on the website is US dollars. The price on the product page does not include the shipping cost. Please kindly note, that the total order amount does not include local sales tax/ VAT, extra fees may be applied.

About the contact information

Please leave us a valid and commonly used email address and cell phone number so that the order can be confirmed and delivered faster.

About the delivery:

Processing time is 15-25 days for a standard size costume, 25-35 days for a custom fit for a custom size costume, and the shipping time frame is 3-5 business days (standard shipping or fast shipping). 

Delivery time is between 18-40 days from the time of ordering and in case you need the costume urgently, just contact us to confirm the process. You can buy single pieces or in bulk depending on your preference, and they will be delivered at the same time in case of bulk purchases.

*The products from ready to ship catalog will be delivered in 5-10 business days. (Only effective on the basis of choosing standard shipping or fast shipping)

About the return:

You can return or exchange any order to us within 7 days after receiving it. Visit the Contact Us section and then file a message at the support option or contact us via [email protected]

*Please be aware that, in accordance with the return policy, customized items can not be returned or refunded.

*Customs charges are at your expense if you return an order from a country different from ours.

As for the specific return policy, please click HERE to check the details.

About the washing and care:

Hand washing and natural air drying are recommended. Machine washing / dry cleaning is not recommended.

Before cleaning, please remove metal accessories to avoid damage to itself or the costume.

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, artificial light, and humidity. Do not allow pieces with contrasting colors and different materials to come into direct contact with each other.

Never use a cleaning product or stain remover to remove a stain. Instead, bring your piece to a professional cleaning service as soon as possible. Once the stain is removed, take the plastic cover off and allow your piece to air out before putting away.

About the color:

We try to accurately display the colors of the products you see on the Website. However, We cannot guarantee that the colors you see on your monitor will be accurate.


About the size:

Please note that each product has its own size chart on the corresponding product page, so kindly double-check the size chart to ensure that the costume size fits the wearer's height, chest, waist, and hips. Additionally, the shoe size should match the wearer's foot length and calf circumference, if the calf circumference doesn't match, let us know the calf circumference in the message box. *Shoe size chart updated on 2023/ 09//16 at 12:23 PM (China Time).

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Ready to Ship Deadpool 3 Wade Wilson Deadpool Cosplay Costume C08327 Premium Version

Elevate your cosplay experience to the next level with the premium ProCoslay Deadpool 3 Wade Wilson Cosplay Costume. Embrace the irreverent charm of Wade Wilson as you step into the world of Deadpool 3. Our meticulously designed costume captures every intricate detail of Deadpool's iconic look, making you the center of attention at any cosplay event. The ensemble features a finely tailored jumpsuit that ensures a comfortable fit while staying true to the character's signature appearance. Complementing the jumpsuit, the boots cover, gloves, belt, waist bag, strap, leg bags, and dagger bag are all expertly crafted to provide an authentic portrayal of Wade Wilson's ensemble. Each accessory has been carefully designed and executed to deliver an unparalleled cosplay experience. Crafted with precision and care, the costume incorporates premium materials including pleather, faux suede, and poly taffeta fabric. These top-notch materials not only enhance the overall appearance but also ensure a durable and comfortable fit that allows you to immerse yourself fully in the character. For those seeking an even more authentic Deadpool transformation, we offer optional shoes and a helmet to complete the look. While these additions are optional, they serve to enhance the overall portrayal and lend an extra layer of realism to your cosplay. Get ready to make a memorable impression at conventions, comic gatherings, and cosplay events with the premium ProCoslay Deadpool 3 Wade Wilson Cosplay Costume. Embrace the essence of Deadpool and order now to embark on an unforgettable journey of self-expression and transformation.

Moon Knight 2022 Marc Spector Moon Knight Cosplay Costume C01134S Upgraded Version

As the avatar of an Egyptian god, this costume reflects the lore and legends of those that worship them. Much like a full moon contrasting against that dark night sky, this suit is a brilliant white with only hints of gold speckled throughout. This is a highly detailed ensemble made from only the highest quality materials. One of the most notable features of this piece are the series of straps and wrappings found throughout. This mimics those found in mummies which is often seen in Egyptian culture. The underlayer of this suit is comprised of a white top and matching pants. An armored chest plate is adorned with a golden crescent moon emblem that sits centered on the front. A pair of gloves are accentuated by arm guards that add extra protection. A matching mask fully engrosses the head, hiding the wearer’s secret identity. A loincloth skirt is another feature that adds to the costumes ancient Egyptian aesthetic and has a circular golden emblem on the front. A pair of white knee-high boots, zip up in the back and are topped with a set of matching knee-guards. This costume comes complete with a full hooded cloak that forms the characters signature silhouette.

Ready to Ship Bloodborne Hunter Doll Selfie Cosplay Costume mp003733

Should you wish to embark on a Cosplay alongside the Hunter then this exquisite costume from Procosplay will enable you to come to life as The Doll. Aside from the quality and likeness, the amount of items you receive for the price ensures that you are adequately dolled up but at a very reasonable cost. In its entirety the costume consists of a cape, one piece dress, hat, tie, gloves and scarf. The cape is made from a sumptuous taupe coloured material with an embroidered fringe tassel hem, large hood and large red satin bow. The cape is finished off with an intricate dainty lace trim around the hem. Worn beneath the cape is a Pilgrim style under dress. Made from a similar hue as the cape, it features a full pleated skirt and a white trim around the bottom hem to give the impression of a vintage petticoat. The corset-style bodice of this one piece dress is shaped into a fit and flare cut with ruched waist detailing and zip closure at the rear. The dress features a layered sleeve effect – black three-quarter length sleeve, with a grey cuff and faux white undershirt to add to the extravagant doll effect. The dress has a removable neck and shoulder scarf to unveil a starched high neckline underneath. The scarf is made from an ornate lace effect material with an elegant brown bow to secure it in place. The fingerless gloves, crafted from a dark red with brown and white shades of stitching add a bold statement to the costume. Completing the ensemble is a pilgrim style head scarf. Dark in colour the headwear ties at the rearwhich allows it to be adjusted to size as necessary. The headscarf also features a small peak along the brow for an authentic look. Why stay in the Hunter’s Dream when you can become your very own Doll reality?
$117.88 $106.10

The Flash 2023 Bruce Wayne Batman Cosplay Costume Michael Keaton 1989 Version C08261

Introducing The Flash 2023 Bruce Wayne Batman Cosplay Costume, a high-quality replica of the iconic Michael Keaton 1989 version. Perfect for cosplay events, Halloween parties, or simply showcasing your love for the Dark Knight. This meticulously crafted costume includes a black bodysuit made from a combination of pleather, spandex pleather, and silver pleather. The materials used ensure a comfortable fit while maintaining the authentic look of the original suit. Complete with essential accessories, such as gauntlets and gloves, which add extra detail to replicate Bruce Wayne's distinctive outfit. The belt adds a touch of realism while keeping the suit securely in place. The included cape adds dramatic flair and can be easily attached to the suit with integrated fasteners. Made from a high-quality fabric, the cape recreates the flowing appearance seen in the movie. For added protection and accuracy, two armor pieces are included to be worn over the bodysuit. These armor pieces replicate the intricate design of Bruce Wayne's suit and are crafted with precision and attention to detail. To ensure optimum comfort during wear, two knee pads are included, perfectly matching the rest of the ensemble. These knee pads safeguard against any impacts and enhance the overall appearance of the costume. As an optional accessory, a mask is available to complete the look, providing an accurate representation of Bruce Wayne's iconic cowl. The mask's design allows for ease of wear without compromising on authenticity. Additionally, for those seeking a complete transformation, shoes can be added to the costume. These shoes, designed with the utmost care, ensure a comfortable fit while maintaining the resemblance to Bruce Wayne's footwear. Whether you are a die-hard fan or a casual admirer, The Flash 2023 Bruce Wayne Cosplay Costume allows you to embody the legendary character, paying homage to the iconic Michael Keaton portrayal. Don this remarkable ensemble and become a hero in your own right.
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