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New RWBY Ruby Rose Cosplay Foldable Crescent Rose Sniper Rifle mp003576

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Size:unfold 180cm,fold 100cm

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i bought this thinking it was going to be sweet that it folded up like in the show, but turns it it actually doesnt fold up at all, the larger blade can slide in a bit and the back part of the blade folds in but the do this at the expensive of stability on the its always going limp and wont stay where you need them when unfolded, part of the wood are cracked and broken, the bar isnt coloured right and wont stay together without glue and ALSO DOESNT FOLD UP. the gun handle wasnt smoothed or rounded and causes major blisters and cuts just holding it, on top of all the bolt (granted make it look ugly but i understand why they are there and if the folding worked they would be needed some red and black paint in needed to hide them somewhat) but they stick out really far needing to be cut shorter or be to dangerous. i highly DO NOT recommend buying this and i very much regret wasting my money on it, i can only hope  the costume is made better i havnt had much luck on asian cosplay stores doesnt half assed work

following pics she some of the damage, what it looks like folded (as folded as you can get it) and unfolded

the blade itself wasnt cheaply made but cheaply designed, then handle is one of the cheapest made, delecate things ive ever held

just holding this thing i can feel it falling apart in my hands
Cody Bragg | 8/6/2018 5:10 AM
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