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Endgame Nebula Cosplay Costume mp004325

The Nebula cosplay costume is for every fierce and adventuresome individual who had instantly connected with the character in the Avengers: Endgame movie. Portraying a strong and free-willed character who was on the mission for her revenge from Thanos, Nebula was an identity that is worth remembering. The cosplay costume consists of a smooth top, vest, tight and comfortable pants, robust shoes, eye-catching belt, supportive holsters, bracers, and long silver gloves for a racy look. The premium quality materials of these items are vibrant red leather, bold red satin cotton, compound leather, purple spandex leather, jujube red corn grain, grey leather, and black felt for a suave and flexible costume. This cosplay costume has been designed with attention to detail, focusing on the minute features of the costume to portray a brave personality. Bring out your inner Nebula with this costume that has a unique enigma which is simply irresistible. If you too possess the fiery persona that Nebula too had and are looking to exhibit a strong personality in the next costume party, then this Nebula cosplay costume is the one for you.
$259.00 $219.00
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